Rick Gates concludes his testimony against his former boss Paul Manafort

first_imgThe Washington Post/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Rick Gates, the former campaign aide to President Donald Trump, wrapped up his eight-hour long testimony today against his former boss Paul Manafort, who is on trial in federal court in Virginia on bank and tax fraud charges.Manafort is accused of evading taxes on $60 million earned in overseas lobbying and consulting work for a Russian-backed Ukrainian political party. Manafort has pleaded not guilty to all charges.During a relatively brief cross-examination Wednesday morning, Manafort’s lead attorney Kevin Downing alleged that Gates had a total of four extra-marital affairs, including the one Manafort’s defense team had previously described as a part of Gate’s “secret” life.Before Gates could respond, prosecutors objected on the grounds of relevance, and after a meeting at the judge’s bench, the claim was never mentioned again.On Tuesday, Gates had acknowledged from the witness stand that he used money embezzled from Manafort to finance a London apartment he used to engage in an extra-marital affair. Defense attorneys contend that Gates embezzled about $3 million from Manafort.Throughout his three-day testimony, Gates described his part in shielding millions of dollars in more a dozen offshore accounts from United States tax collectors. Gates said he did so at Manafort’s direction, and also admitted to embezzling “several hundred thousand” dollars from Manafort.Asked if he told Manafort about the relationship in London 10 years ago, Gates said he had, and added that Manafort was supportive and that he didn’t fire him for it.The defense on Wednesday also asked Gates about an interview he sat for with officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2014. Gates testified that he had disclosed offshore accounts in Cyprus and the Grenadines during the interviews.When asked if Manafort was truthful with the FBI, Gates answered, “To the best of my recollection, yes.”Special counsel prosecutor Greg Andres moved swiftly through his cross-examination of Gates on Wednesday morning. Andres asked Gates whether the government had ever charged him with embezzling, and Gates said no.Andres also asked Gates whether Manafort had ever confronted him about the embezzlement, some of it through padded expense invoices, and Gates also said no.Andres then asked Gates “who paid for those [expense reports] ultimately?”“The Ukrainian businessmen,” Gates responded, implying that Manafort did not pay for the expenses Gates submitted to Manafort, but that the Ukrainian businessmen reimbursed him for the fraudulent expense reports he submitted.Gates was then asked questions about his pre-trial preparation sessions with the special counsel. Asked if he was ever “told how to answer” questions during the trial, Gates said he wasn’t.“The only answer I was told was to tell the truth.”Gates also testified that he faced consequences if he lied before the jury. Andres asked“If you lie here today and those charges are brought again — would you have a defense to that?”, Andres asked.“No,” Gates replied.“As you sit here today, is there any doubt in your mind that if you lie, the special counsel will rip up your plea agreement?” Andres continued.“No there is not,” Gates answered.Next up on the stand is an FBI accountant, whose testimony is expected to last about two hours. Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Veteran detective killed, partner wounded in shooting in Ohio; ‘suicidal’ suspect in custody, police say

first_imgiStock(CINCINNATI) — A veteran sheriff’s detective was shot to death and his partner was injured in a gun battle with a 23-year-old suspect in an attempted burglary, who was allegedly suicidal and barricaded in an apartment building in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, officials said.The alleged shooter — identified as Wade Edward Winn — kept police at bay for some 12 hours before he was taken into custody Sunday around 6:30 a.m. following another gunfight with a SWAT team, officials said.Killed in the confrontation was Detective Bill Brewer, the married father of a 5-year-old son and a 20-year veteran of the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, officials said.“Deputy Brewer gave his life attempting to help a person who was admittedly suicidal,” Clermont County Sheriff Steve Lehey said in a statement Sunday morning. “This will forever change the atmosphere of the Clermont Sheriff’s Office.”The deadly standoff unfolded at about 7 p.m. on Saturday when a man called 911 and told a dispatcher that Winn had barricaded himself in his apartment, was armed, suicidal and refusing to leave, officials said.Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said Winn was “involved in a burglary attempt” prior to barricading himself in the apartment of the man who called 911.Brewer and Lt. Nick DeRose responded to the call and came under fire around 10:30 p.m. at the Green at Royal Oaks Apartments in Pierce Township about 20 miles southeast of Cincinnati on the Ohio-Kentucky border, officials said.The mortally-wounded Brewer was taken to Anderson Mercy Hospital in Cincinnati, where he died, officials said.“This Officer’s valor is now recorded for all time, written in blood,” Yost said in a statement. “We mourn, and we will remember.”DeRose, a 22-year veteran of the Clermont Sheriff’s Office, was treated for a gunshot wound at University of Cincinnati Medical Center and released, officials said.“It’s a very sad morning for the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office,” said Capt. Jeff Sellars, a spokesman for the agency.The area around the apartment building was shut down as Winn allegedly continued firing throughout the night. Cincinnati ABC affiliate WCPO-TV reported hearing shots around 10:30 p.m. and just before midnight.The Clermont County Special Response Team and a SWAT team from the Cincinnati Police Department responded to the scene and evacuated neighboring residents. Crisis intervention officers attempted to negotiate with Winn via bullhorn, asking him to surrender.At about 6:30 a.m. Sunday, police were heard shouting at Winn on the bullhorn, repeatedly saying, “Come outside. We won’t hurt you. We won’t hurt you,” WCOP-TV reported.A few minutes later, police sirens sounded and an officer was heard yelling, “Go, go, go!” followed by gunshots and fire that broke out at the apartment complex.The suspect was taken into custody by SWAT team members who “endured a barrage of gunfire generated by Winn,” officials said in a statement.It was not immediately clear what started the fire at the complex, but Sellars said a blaze erupted “as a result of the standoff.”“The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office has requested the bureau of criminal investigations to handle the criminal aspect of the standoff,” Sellars said.He said the state fire marshal’s office is investigating the fire.Winn’s criminal history includes several misdemeanor marijuana convictions, dating back to 2015, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.In June, Winn was arrested for improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, according to the Enquirer. He was sentenced to five days in jail and placed on a month of probation, the newspaper reported citing court records.Brewer’s death marks the fifth police officer killed by gunfire in the line of duty this year in the U.S.The fatal shooting came just 14 days after Mobile, Alabama, police officer Sean Tuder was killed while serving an arrest warrant on Jan. 20.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Under pressure – how can we better protect health professionals from burnout?

first_img Previous Article Next Article Reply Reply 3 Responses to Under pressure – how can we better protect health professionals from burnout? Under pressure – how can we better protect health professionals from burnout?By Ann Caluori on 4 Jan 2019 in Anxiety, NHS, Stress, Mental health conditions, Depression, Sickness absence management, Occupational Health, Wellbeing and health promotion, Personnel Today Jane Boulter 6 Jan 2019 at 1:24 pm # Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.Comment Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Website Excellent article. So very true and some great advice. Harold A Maio 4 Jan 2019 at 5:55 pm # Talking about my generations – why mental health support needs to be for all agesWith workplaces becoming increasingly multi-generational, it is important employers recognise that managing mental ill health requires strategies and interventions tailored… Reply Photo: REX/Monkey Business NHS England’s announcement of a new mental health support scheme for doctors has put the pressures faced by health professionals firmly in the spotlight. A recent conference of the British Psychological Society and Society of Occupational Medicine looked at how health professionals can be better supported to avoid burnout, exhaustion and stress, as Ann Caluori reports.Back in October, the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) and the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) held their second annual mental health event. This year the focus was: “Health professionals under pressure: avoiding burnout, exhaustion and stress and caring for the care givers”.The event was timely. Just three days earlier, NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens had announced national funding for a new mental health support scheme for doctors working in the NHS.About the authorAnn Caluori is communications and events manager at the Society of Occupational MedicineThis announcement coincided with the release of a report commissioned by The Louise Tebboth Foundation (LTF) and SOM, carried out by Professor Gail Kinman and Dr Kevin Teoh, What could make a difference to the mental health of UK doctors? A review of the research evidence.The report detailed evidence that UK doctors were at greater risk of work-related stress, burnout and depression and anxiety than the general population, as highlighted in the December edition of Occupational Health & Wellbeing.Dr Mike Isaac, consultant psychiatrist and first speaker at the DOP/SOM event, discussed mental ill health as a challenge for health professionals. He considered some of the more common mental health problems in the workforce, and spoke about conditions in the workplace that could lead to poor mental health, such as bullying and harassment.Dr Isaac also discussed perception and the common “isms”, such as racism, ageism, sexualism. These -isms are very prevalent. Shockingly, 90% of transgendered adults have reported experiencing harassment at work.Image of ‘invulnerability’Mental health seems to have recently emerged from the shadows, especially in light of the royalty-backed Heads Together campaign and the newly launched Mental Health at Work gateway. However, stigma still plays a large role in reluctance to seek help at work. In a “caring” profession, where it can feel as if you are supposed to be capable, invulnerable, and to an extent not human (or above human problems) this stigma can often feel overwhelming.Dr Isaac pointed out that, when we are struggling with mental health, it can be difficult to find a means by which to share this struggle with others. It is important for OH professionals to recognise this, and to recognise that health professionals are subject to the same conditions and the same disorders as everyone else.Professor Gail Kinman spoke next, focusing on the findings of the LTF/SOM report and what works in terms of interventions. And interventions are clearly needed, as the report showed:Stress. A 2017 BMA study found that 50% doctors were unwell due to stress. A 2017 NHS survey found that circa 35% of consultants and trainees were unwell due to stress.Burnout. High risk of emotional exhaustion, GPs (74%). Trainee GPs are at high risk, but 50% lack awareness, not recognising their own symptoms or having insight into their own state of mental health.Common mental disorders (CMD). The suicide risk is two to five times higher than the general population, with women and GPs at the highest risk.Workload is a risk factor, as is the intensification of the job and the increase in complexity and lack of control. Change fatigue is an area that warrants more investigation: it is possible to have so many changes imposed on you that you become resistant to changes that are positive.Behaviours such as poor self-care, self-medication and the idea of self-sacrifice are compounded by a stigmatisation of help seeking. Different specialties might have different problems, but organisational factors are seen to have a greater impact than occupational factors.When seeking solutions, evidence-informed interventions are crucial – these should involve public policy, the organisation and the individual. An “emotional curriculum” is required from recruitment to retirement. Demands must be reduced, and we must work to build supportive working cultures that encourage help-seeking.I asked Professor Kinman for some points of guidance for OH professionals working in the area of healthcare and mental health. She said:“Make sure that the support that is available for mental health and stress management is widely publicised and accessible. Encourage people at all levels of the organisation to attend, especially senior management – this will help reduce the stigma.”“Encourage people to prioritise self-care and recovery – ‘putting on their own oxygen masks before helping others’ will help them avoid the burnout that is endemic in some types of work, such as health and social care and education.”“Reinforce the message that long working hours do not lead to better job performance – responding to emergencies at work is fine, but long working hours will impact on health and increase the risk of burnout and withdrawal.”“Be aware of the risks of presenteeism for health and job performance over the long term – encourage people to take the time off that they need to recover from illness.”“Mindfulness can certainly be useful for wellbeing and effectiveness at work – several high-quality apps are available, for example Headspace and Buddhify.”Dr Caroline Elton, a chartered psychologist who specialises in complex career counselling, was the final speaker of the day. To understand the psychology of the healthcare professional, Dr Elton drew a comparison to motherhood.There is something about being tasked with caring for others that causes us to draw upon our own experiences of being cared for. When new doctors start taking responsibility for patients they need to feel supported by those who are more experienced than they are.Unfortunately support for transitions into clinical practice can be poor. Dr Elton looked to the New Zealand Model for a possible solution, where medical trainees have a “trainee intern” year and work as apprentice first-year doctors, paid at 60% of a first year doctor’s salary.At the end of the year most feel prepared to be a doctor and first-year doctors scored in the normal range for depression and anxiety. Perhaps the reason this seemingly successful model has not been adopted more widely is cost.Make it about teams, not just individualsIn terms of an overarching solution, Dr Elton argued that we must move away from the idea of the wellbeing of healthcare professionals being primarily an individual issue of resilience, or lack thereof.The emotional wellbeing of the healthcare professional should be approached in the same way that we approach infection control at every level of healthcare (washing hands after examining patients; national policies for pandemic control and so on).It should be viewed as an issue for the teams in which the individuals work, the organisations that these teams exist within and within the NHS as a whole, instead of simply an issue of individuals.Only by viewing the emotional wellbeing of individuals as a multi-level systemic issue can significant improvements occur. This is as per the approach of Stanford professor Tait Shanafelt, who has identified nine drivers of burnout in doctors, for example control and flexibility over work, and mapped them against individual, team, organisation and national factors.After her presentation, I asked Dr Elton for tips for OH professionals dealing with the mental health of healthcare professionals. This is what she had to say:“The more doctors I talk to about the pressures they experience at work, the more I am struck by the power of connectedness – both within and beyond work. So if I had to give one tip to OH professionals it would be to ask the doctor about their relationships at work, and who can they turn to for support – and also about their relationships beyond work, and who supports them in their personal life.“If it emerges from these questions that the doctor is poorly supported within and/or beyond work, the OH professional can work with the doctor to think about potential sources of support that they could turn to.”The afternoon closed with a panel discussion, chaired by SOM chief executive Nick Pahl, which saw the three speakers joined by occupational health advisor Jane Boulter and Dr Rebecca Tory, a former colleague of Louise Tebboth.Dr Torry explained that, after the suicide of her colleague and friend Louise Tebboth, little support had been given to the practice. It had fallen to Dr Torry and her fellow doctors to notify the practice staff of Louise’s suicide before they arrived for their next shifts. It was also left to them to plan and discuss how to present the news to patients and to organise memorial events.Dr Torry described how dealing with patients’ emotions, while trying to manage her own grief and distress, had been emotionally draining.Jane Boulter, an OHA with more than 20 years’ experience, shared with the room that, despite working in OH, she had only acknowledged her depression in the past two years. Nick Pahl suggested that there was an opportunity for OH psychologists to be change clinicians.Dr Torry, who has extensive experience as a GP trainer, stated the need for assistance for trainees as well as GPs. Schemes such as Tea and Empathy, Take Time, the NHS Practitioner Health Programme and DocHealth were mentioned.Overall my takeaways from the day were the need to talk more about mental health at work, to break through the stigma, and to raise awareness of the programmes that already exist to help those in need. Taking a wider perspective, and perhaps more problematically, it is also evident that the systems in which healthcare professionals work play a huge part.ReferencesNHS to prioritise doctors’ mental health, NHS England, 5 October 2018, https://www.england.nhs.uk/2018/10/nhs-to-prioritise-doctors-mental-health/; NHS England extends mental health support for doctors, https://www.personneltoday.com/hr/nhs-england-extends-mental-health-support-for-doctors/Kinman, G, and Teoh, K. “What could make a difference to the mental health of UK doctors? A review of the research evidence”. Society of Occupational Medicine and The Louise Tebboth Foundation, September 2018. Available online at:https://www.som.org.uk/sites/som.org.uk/files/What_could_make_a_difference_to_the_mental_health_of_UK_doctors_LTF_SOM.pdfHeads Together, https://www.headstogether.org.uk/Mental Health at Work gateway https://www.mentalhealthatwork.org.uk/?ctaId=%2Fworkplace%2Fmental-health-at-work-gateway%2Fslices%2Fintro%2FTweed, M J, et al. “How the trainee intern year can ease the transition from undergraduate education to postgraduate practice”, The New Zealand Medical Journal, 16th July 2010, Volume 123 Number 1318, available online at: https://www.nzma.org.nz/journal/read-the-journal/all-issues/2010-2019/2010/vol-123-no-1318/special-series-tweedTea and Empathy, Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1215686978446877/Take Time, https://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/learner_supportNHS Practitioner Health Programme, http://php.nhs.uk/DocHealth, http://www.dochealth.org.uk/ Russell Childs 11 Jan 2019 at 1:10 pm # Related posts: Doctors stressed and anxious about Covid second waveDoctors in England have little or no confidence in the NHS being able to cope this winter, according to a… … However, stigma still plays a large role in reluctance to seek help at work.I believe you miss the point, it is teaching stigma that is the culprit. Why do we do it? Who knows. Perhaps out of ignorance, or viciousness, or out of habit.Whatever our motivation, we can stop. You can stop.Harold A Maio In addition to the references provided in Ann’s piece, can I also signpost your readers to the Time To Change website. Their Time To Talk Day is on 7th February. I worked with the SOM and Charlie Waller Memorial Trust to publish the leaflet, Looking After Your Mental Wellbeing:A guide for Occupational Practitioners. This is available on the SOM website. I would signpost anyone, who deals with common mental health conditions, whether at work or non work, to this leaflet.last_img read more

USU-Eatern’s Mafi Named As SWAC Player of the Week

first_img Written by Tags: Sarah Mafi/SWAC Player of the Week/team captain/USU-Eastern Eagles FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPRICE, Utah-Tuesday, USU-Eastern women’s volleyball player Sarah Mafi was named as the Scenic West Athletic Conference’s player of the week.Mafi earned this honor after amassing 63 kills (3.94 kills per set) and 55 digs (3.44 per set with four reception errors) in 16 sets.Presently, Mafi, a sophomore out of Spanish Fork and Maple Mountain High School, ranks fifth nationally in kills (12th in kills per set) and fifth in scoring.She is also serving as a team captain for the Eagles. Brad James August 28, 2018 /Sports News – Local USU-Eatern’s Mafi Named As SWAC Player of the Weeklast_img read more

Fishing Flea Market Returns Saturday to Ocean City Intermediate School

first_imgFred Uhlman from No Bones Bait and Tackle will hold a seminar on back bay flounder fishing from 11 a.m. to noon in the cafeteria.Among the confirmed list of about 80 saltwater and freshwater fishing vendors are:Rich HainesSlammer TackleMarksfield’s reelsTim’s Discount TackleJoe GlotkinShadman TackleButch’s TackleNo Bones Bait and TackleSpecialized Bait and TackleTom ScibekRay KennedyJK RodsBill LutherEd ReigerDoug RuppelOld Man’s Tackle BoxJetty Ghost TackleGlenn LuckeyRalph PalmerWalt DavidsonSteve BabilinoJohn O’KinskyStriper BitesFin-AticsBruce HoaglandFred PrangeAl BogdanFitzpatrick’s TackleRita MancinoFrank BreakellPennsauken Fishing ClubMike Foster M& M Embroidery Custom JacketsDante del VecchioJohn Beers(Sputnik sinkers)TackleDirectSee more about the event on Facebook. Ocean City Intermediate School Fishing Flea MarketThe eighth annual Ocean City Intermediate School Fishing Flea Market will be open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 1 at the school at 1801 Bay Avenue in Ocean City.All proceeds go directly to the school’s fishing club, which provides an opportunity for students to enjoy the sport.  The money raised provides students with fishing trips and equipment.Admission is $4, children ages 6 to 10 only $1, and any child under 6 is free with a paying adult.  Ocean City students pay $1.last_img read more

Speed stop become double drug arrest in South Bend

first_img Twitter WhatsApp WhatsApp By Tommie Lee – January 29, 2021 0 1070 Google+ Facebook Dartanian Alli/Nicole Williams (photo provided by St. Joseph Co Sheriff) A speed stop on Ironwood just north of State Road 23 turned into a pair of drug busts Thursday morning.A probationary patrolwoman stopped a jeep shortly before 3:30 a.m. with her field training officer. The man driving, 40 year-old Dartanin Alli of South Bend, did not have a license and was wanted on a warrant for possession of meth.Assorted drugs and paraphernalia were found during the stop, and Alli was taken into custody with his passenger, 21 year-old Nicole Williams. They face several misdemeanor and felony charges. Pinterest Speed stop become double drug arrest in South Bend Twitter Pinterest Google+ Facebook IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Previous articleGrant program for South Bend restaurants suffering effects of pandemicNext articleGoshen couple fined over $1 Million for tax crimes Tommie Leelast_img read more

News story: Facebook backs government campaign to inspire innovators and engineers of the future

first_imgDr. Susan Scurlock, founder of Primary Engineer Programmes said: Engineering is a creative, trailblazing career that shapes the world around us, yet too many young people are in the dark about the opportunities it offers. Kyle McGinn, Director of Product at Facebook, said: Supporting emerging STEM talent is something we are really committed to, which is why we’re pleased to welcome hundreds of aspiring young engineers at our offices today and launch our mentoring programme. Facebook’s largest engineering hub outside of the US is based right here in London and our teams have worked on some of our biggest global innovations including Oculus and Workplace. We’re proud to say we’ll be hiring hundreds more engineers in the next year as part of our wider investment to the UK and as we expand, we want to encourage the UK’s next generation of talent as part of our support for Year of Engineering and through our new mentorship program. It’s been fantastic to see the students interviewing the Facebook product teams as part of the “If you were an engineer what would you do?” competition. It’s really important for students to understand the breadth of opportunities in engineering and we have heard about some amazing roles here at Facebook today. We need to allow all young people to identify opportunities for themselves within engineering if we are to increase diversity in the profession. We look forward to seeing the designs from today as part of the competition where some will be selected to be made by engineering teams from partner universities Leading technology companies like Facebook play a vital role in inspiring the next generation of engineers and innovators, and it is wonderful to see so many young people given the opportunity to discover first-hand what an engineering career could look like Out of hours media enquiries 020 7944 4292center_img Year of Engineering enquiries Engineering makes a major contribution to the UK economy, but the sector faces a major skills gap and lack of diversity – there is annual shortage of 20,000 engineering graduates each year, only 12% of the engineering workforce is female, and less than 8% comes from a black, Asian or ethnic minority background. Media enquiries 020 7944 3021 Facebook has joined the government’s Year of Engineering campaign, with a pledge to encourage more bright talent in the UK to consider engineering or technology-related careers. The announcement was made at an open day at its London offices for 100 schoolchildren with Primary Engineer Programmes, and follows Facebook’s commitment to hiring hundreds more engineers in the UK over the next year.Throughout 2018 the Year of Engineering has seen government join forces with over 1,400 partners to tackle a lack of diversity in engineering and show young people the opportunities of careers in the industry.So far the campaign has given young people more than 750,000 direct experiences of engineering, from behind the scenes tours to challenges linked to the engineering behind football, robotics and the environment.Facebook’s announcement was marked with a special open day on Friday 16 November 2018, where secondary school children heard from Facebook’s product teams about their career paths. The children also had the chance to work on engineering challenges, coming up with ideas for using technology to help solve problems in their school or community.The open day saw Facebook team up with Year of Engineering partner Primary Engineer Programmes, who run the ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do?’ competition. In 2017-2018 over 37,000 pupils across the UK have entered the competition, which gives young people the chance to meet engineering role models and design their own inventions, some of which are brought to life by engineers.On the same day, Facebook engineers joined the Year of Engineering at careers show World Skills UK Live in Birmingham, showing thousands of young people how engineers are using ground-breaking technology to tackle global challenges.To mark its support for the campaign, Facebook is also launching a mentorship programme to unlock engineering talent beyond 2018. Working with educational programme JUMP, the scheme will give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds one to one mentoring with Facebook engineers. Facebook has recently set out its commitment to investing in UK engineering, with cutting-edge facilities and a pledge to increase its UK engineering recruits.HM Government Envoy for the Year of Engineering Stephen Metcalfe MP said: Switchboard 0300 330 3000last_img read more

Eustice retains food and farming role

first_imgGeorge Eustice has retained his position as food and farming minister in the latest round of ministerial appointments by prime minister Theresa May. Eustice, who has held the position at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) since May 2015, will report to Andrea Leadsom, the new secretary of state for the department.Leadsom, who ran against Theresa May for the Conservative leadership, succeeded Liz Truss, who took over as secretary of state for justice. Leadsom has overall responsibility for EU and international relations and emergencies.Leadsom and Eustice will have to deal with a raft of new Brexit challenges, arising from the impact on food prices and the effects of losing EU subsidies.The reshuffle also saw the end of the Department of Energy and Climate Change and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.Last week the Food and Drink Federation sent an open letter to May regarding the management of Brexit.last_img read more

Five ways to improve your marketing today

first_imgIn today’s fast and furious age, we are always looking for quick ways to improve. Fast diet plans that guarantee you can drop 20 pounds in two weeks. Quick exercise regimens that offer ways you can move from the couch to a 5K in a month.Do those “get rich quick” type schemes work when it comes to marketing for credit unions and banks? Actually it does. While strategic shifts in your branding, culture and training take months and even years to fully execute, there are actually several things you can do immediately to increase your marketing’s effectiveness.Here are five ways to improve your marketing starting today:Cut the copy—When it comes to communicating your message, less is best. When we do marketing audits for clients, this is typically one of the recommendations we make. In other words, after reviewing literally thousands of financial institution marketing pieces, I can guarantee you yours are probably too long. Check out this post to learn more about how you can cut the copy. continue reading » 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

GO-TIME: New State Employment Website Offers Improved Experience for Job Seekers

first_imgGO-TIME: New State Employment Website Offers Improved Experience for Job Seekers May 17, 2017 Efficiency,  GO-TIME,  Government That Works,  Innovation,  Press Release,  Results Harrisburg, PA. — An overhaul of the state’s job website and improvements to the application process are helping to make commonwealth employment more attractive to job seekers, according to the Governor’s Office of Transformation, Innovation, Management and Efficiency (GO-TIME).“For many years, outdated hiring processes have made it difficult for state agencies to compete with other employers in the job market,” said Secretary of Administration Sharon Minnich. “This is the first step in a much bigger effort to transform how we recruit and retain talent in state government.”The new website at www.employment.pa.gov lists non-civil service vacancies, as well as test announcements for civil service positions. Previously, individuals had to go to two different websites for information on commonwealth testing and employment.The website also includes a comprehensive list of high school, college, and graduate school student internship programs that were previously dispersed across multiple websites.Non-civil service postings are now vacancy-specific and include the position title, work location and description of duties. Previously, individuals had to apply to general job categories without knowing the exact position or if any openings were available.“The hiring process is more transparent for applicants and for managers,” said Minnich. “Job seekers know they are applying to a specific job that needs to be filled, and managers know that applicants are both interested in the work and available for the position.Job seekers can also subscribe to be notified by email when vacancies become available, rather than constantly revisiting the site to check for new postings. The website and online job application are both mobile device friendly.The new vacancy-based job postings are currently available only for non-civil service positions . The Office of Administration (OA) is working with the State Civil Service Commission to implement vacancy-based postings for the positions that it fills. Approximately 70 percent of all positions in state government are civil service.OA is also working with the commission to fully transition its test announcements and online application process to employment.pa.gov. This will enable individuals to view and apply for state government jobs on one website, using the same online application.The Governor’s Office of Transformation, Innovation, Management and Efficiency (GO-TIME), works with state agencies to modernize government operations in order to reduce costs and improve services. State agencies already saved over $156 million and Governor Wolf challenged GO-TIME to build upon this success by achieving $500 million in savings by 2020.To learn more about GO-TIME, visit www.governor.pa.gov/go-time.center_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more