Petting zoo for Pembroke and Christ Church students

first_imgPembroke and Christ Church JCRs organised a joint petting zoo this Thursday in a bid to provide some relief to stressed students undergoing exams. The petting zoo, which included at least ten different types of animals, including meerkats, a giant rabbit and owls, took place in the Christ Church JCR. The event also featured less conventional petting zoo animals, including snakes, scorpions and a tarantula. Pembroke Entz Rep Meltem Kamalvand told Cherwell that the aim of the event was to “provide some relief for stressed finalists whilst simultaneously bonding with our frenemies at Christ Church over the sweet joys of a petting zoo. It’s something a bit different and fun, and everyone loves animals.” Pembroke finalist Nick Hilton remarked, “I think it’s a great idea, although it does appear to pair conventional petting zoo animals with their natural predators.” Likewise, Jane Cahill, who promised a petting zoo for students during 5th week in her OUSU Presidential manifesto last Michaelmas, remarked, “I’m a big fan of petting zoos. I was totally lambasted for that policy but I stand by it to the end! I guess I wouldn’t have had a scorpion in an OUSU petting zoo though. Not very fluffy or relaxing, in fact quite stressful.” Unfortunately the event was only open to students at Pembroke and Christ Church. The Pembroke Entz team stated on the Facebook event page stated that “cute animals don’t come for free we’re afraid and we have programmed the snakes to kill anyone from other colleges”.Matt McGonagle, Pembroke JCR Vice President, said, “We pride ourselves on being natural at Pembroke, and we certainly have a wild side! A petting zoo has animals – who are both natural and wild – so suits us perfectly.” Rebecca Howe, Pembroke JCR president, told Cherwell, “I think it will help calm nerves during the exam period. I took a stressed finalist to the petting zoo a couple of hours before his exam. He seems calmer now. This is a good thing.” She added, “When the Entz Reps and I mused over proposing this last Michaelmas, I never in my WILDest dreams thought this would actually come to life. Now it has, it is like Friday of 8th, Oxmas, and LOVE all rolled up into one. “If ChCh are up for doing it again, then we are. Even if they aren’t, I’m sure I speak for Pembrokians across the kingdom when I say yes – we would like this to happen again. Perhaps annually.”last_img read more