Mane man: Southampton land Senegal star

first_img1 Southampton have continued their summer rebuild by signing Sadio Mane.The Red Bull Salzburg forward, 22, moves to St Mary’s in a deal worth a reported £11.8million.And Ronald Koeman is delighted to have secured his services: “Right from the first meeting I had with Les Reed, when it was clear that we would have to change a lot, Sadio was on our list of potential players.“I know the player because last season Ajax Amsterdam played against Red Bull Salzburg in Europe, and I saw him playing and I was impressed with his qualities and with the physicality that he showed.“He can play in different positions in the attack – he can play on the left or right side and also as a number nine. It is incredible how many goals he has scored from his position, and I hope that he will do the same for us.“With the way that we play and the fact that I know him very well, this is a good step forward for him.” Sadio Mane last_img read more

Gritters dispatched to selected routes in Donegal tonight

first_imgDonegal County Council is preparing its gritters for a number of areas in Donegal as temperatures drop tonight.Main routes in Inishowen, Milford and Buncrana Town Council area are on the gritting list for Monday night from 8pm.Met Eireann has forecast frost and a risk of icy patches in parts of the north west tonight. Temperatures will reach lows of -1 to +1 Celsius and it is set to be milder near the west coast with lows of 1 to 3 Celsius in moderate breezes. Frost, ice and any fog will clear on Tuesday morning to give a dry day with some sunny spells.The following routes will be gritted from 8PM on Monday:04: Inishowen South05: Inishowen East06: Inishowen West07: Milford South08: Milford NorthBT: Buncrana Town CouncilGritters dispatched to selected routes in Donegal tonight was last modified: December 2nd, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Evidence for Inflation, or Inflating the Evidence?

first_imgCosmic inflation has become an accepted truth in cosmology, but its appeal is primarily philosophical and theoretical.  Something as weird as a universe jumping 26 orders of magnitude in size in one trillion trillion trillionth of a second (see 02/21/2005) should raise eyebrows in any scientific circle.  Is there any evidence for it?  Live Science reported that a new search for its smoking gun is being planned.    Researchers from the University of Chicago are placing an instrument on a telescope at the South Pole to look for gravitational waves.  These elusive waves should propagate from any high-energy event in space, such as the formation of a black hole.  It’s not clear if cosmic inflation would show a gravitational wave signature, but they hope to know in 10 years.  “It’s possible that inflation theory is entirely wrong,” wrote Robin Lloyd for Live Science.  “So discovery of gravity waves would be a big deal and go a long way toward validating the theory, as well as the big bang and some other big cosmological claims.”    What would it mean if no evidence is found?  Surprisingly, the same thing as a positive detection.  “The absence of gravitational waves is completely consistent with inflation,” said Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State.  How, then, can inflation be confirmed if either answer is consistent with theory?  Krauss can only hope that a positive detection would allow “a real possibility of pinning things down enough so that one could perhaps convince every physicist that inflation happened.”  This implies that a positive detection could have multiple interpretations.    First, though, they have to invent new physics.  Three key components of modern cosmology have no evidential or physical basis right now.  “We have these key components to our picture of the universe, but we really don’t know what physics produces any of them, said Scott Dodelson [U of Chicago], referring to inflation, dark energy and dark matter – the proposed stuff that makes up the universe’s missing mass.  ‘The goal of the next decade is to identify the physics.’”What are outside observers of modern cosmology supposed to conclude when its proponents admit that ignorance of the key components of the theory exceeds knowledge?  This is crazy.  It’s like the lobbyist for a defense contractor promising a Senator they’ll have that Buck Rogers space-based weapons surveillance system they promised, once they figure out how to build rockets, computers and remote-sensing instruments, after they discover the physics behind them all.  It’s all just a story right now.  They like the plot, but what basis does it have in reality?  Zilch.    Inflation doesn’t solve anything, anyway.  Sean M. Carroll said that the initial conditions that would make inflation possible are even more finely-tuned than the cosmic coincidences it was concocted to explain away.  Remember?  He said in that classic paper, “Is Our Universe Natural,” reported here 05/11/2006, “The fact that the initial proto-inflationary patch must be smooth and dominated by dark energy implies that it must have a very low entropy itself; reasonable estimates for this entropy SI range from about 1 to 1020.  Thus, among randomly chosen initial conditions, the likelihood of finding an appropriate proto-inflationary region is actually much less than simply finding the conditions of the conventional Big Bang model (or, for that matter, of our Universe ten minutes ago).  It would seem that the conditions required to start inflation are less natural than those of the conventional Big Bang.”  The whole big-bang shebang is barfed up out of their empty naturalistic gut feelings.  What does explain the fine-tuning of the cosmos?  Creation, naturally.(Visited 15 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Ginger beer-making entrepreneurs share some marketing secrets

first_imgMosibudi Makgato and Rosemary Padi, founders of YaMama Gemmer, plan to distribute their traditional ginger beer internationally. They created the ginger beer of YaMama Gemmer from a family recipe.Mosibudi Makgato and Rosemary Padi, founders of YaMama Gemmer, want to distribute their traditional ginger beer internationally. “Our product must be something that is on tourists’ list to get whenever they come to South Africa.” (Image: Melissa Javan)Melissa JavanSocial media was the number one marketing tool to get a traditional South African product into the hands of more customers, said the founders of YaMama Gemmer. Rosemary Padi and her sister, Mosibudi Makgato, created the ginger beer of YaMama Gemmer from a family recipe.The two recently took part in the Japan Summit in Johannesburg, where they got a chance to give the ambassador of Japan and other delegates a taste of their signature product.Digital transformation is neededThe National Small Business Chamber survey found that 43% of small business owners struggled with the sales and marketing of their businesses.The chamber’s Mike Anderson said that more than more than 10,000 small business owners took part in the survey, which was released last year. He urged entrepreneurs to become rainmakers. “Give your business a digital transformation. Be brutal on money.”Makgato and Padi are not afraid to take their marketing to social media. Makgato said people tagged them in images on Instagram whenever they were drinking YaMama Gemmer. “Someone tagged us in an image showing they’re having the drink with cereal,” she said. “Instagram is a beautiful platform for us.”Neighbourhood markets were also a good way to get more sales. “We also exhibit at a lot of expos. We work closely with Proudly South African and that’s how we find out about the expos.”The @YaMamaGemmer stand looks so good, waiting for their slush puppy #MakhelwaneFest #VayaSoweto @visitgauteng #TravelMassiveJHB— PULY (@PulyBeast) December 2, 2016The beginningIt all started with their mother, Mmapula Makgato, who was always asked to make ginger beer for functions. “When there’s a function, everyone asks certain people to do certain things.“We know who does it best so we stick to a certain person making that thing at a family gathering. I won’t ask my sister to make salad, because I know it’s not her strongpoint,” said Padi.The skill of making products such as ginger beer was dying. Many of the older women who used to make it, no longer have the physical strength needed to produce it, explained Padi. This opened a market for them to produce and sell their family recipe.Their researchBoth Padi and Makgato were working full time in the corporate world when they started YaMama Gemmer. They started with research first.According to Makgato, there were a lot of products on the market that were close to ginger beer. There was also several synthetic products that claimed to be ginger beer. “A lot of people had bad experiences with these products.”For example, people complained of getting heartburn.“We then had to educate people about our product. We told them that it was a natural product,” she said. “Since we started we have never had bad experiences. Clients who complained about the bad experiences with other products, came back to us with positive feedback.”Makgato said that they also talk to people about health concerns, especially diabetes. “We talk about the amount of sugar that is in our ginger beer versus in other drinks. Other drinks have more sugar in them, which may be harmful. Our drink does not have preservatives in it.”They did not only learn about market research; they also learned about the different sugars that went into the drink as well as food safety and complying to certain standards, said Makgato.They were continuously learning new things. “Things change – so we have to keep up with the local as well as international trends.” Last year, for example, they rebranded YaMama Gemmer so its label would be suitable for an international market.Taking the leapYaMama is sold as a concentrated drink and as ready-made bottles. (Image: Melissa Javan)In August 2014, Padi quit her corporate job in the information technology industry and went to work on YaMama full-time with an assistant.YaMama’s shop opened last year in Randburg, Johannesburg and the factory has been running since November 2015 at the Riversands Incubation Hub in Midrand. YaMama Gemmer now employs five people.YaMama Gemmer is distributed to Soweto, Vosloorus and Lesotho, among others, and the sisters are planning to expand the business outside the country.Watch Rosemary Padi and Mosibudi Makgato talk about how people responded to their leaving their corporate jobs to start their own ginger beer-making business:Working togetherThe sisters said that it was great to work together. “We are best friends,” said Padi, referring to her father’s belief that family relationships laid a foundation. “He said that we must make friends at home first.“We know each other’s strengths and we capitalise on these. So each of us can deal with pressures and situations differently.”Makgato added: “It helps us to go about business because we know each other’s strengths. For instance, if it’s a situation where someone has to be firm, I’ll come in. When it’s a merry situation, (my sister) comes in.”Padi agreed. “I’m the people pleaser. I’m much more patient than Makgato is.”Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Documenting the relationship between corn emergence and yield

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest One very important aspect of corn plant development and yield is emergence. While evenly spaced “picket fence” stands are often discussed, agronomists and university experts stress the more important aspect of emergence-uniform emergence. According to Paul Jasa, University of Nebraska Extension ag engineer, “When a plant develops ahead of its neighbor, it hurts yield dramatically. It’s going to vary somewhat from year to year, but a plant lagging behind those around it becomes a weed.”In order to achieve high yields, uniform emergence is essential.As part of Seed Consultants testing in 2016, our agronomic team has planted a test plot in Fayette County that will be observed twice daily (morning and evening) during the emergence process. This study will observe 1/1000 acre sections of rows for 5 different hybrids. Approximately every 12 hours an agronomist will walk through the plot and place garden stakes next to plants as they emerge (as pictured above). Agronomists will document every plant’s emergence timing and then make additional observations throughout the growing season, ending with an assessment of yields and timing of emergence. The goal of this observational study is to demonstrate the importance of emergence and the detrimental effects on yield due to late emerging plants.last_img read more

London Olympics: Zielinski wins gold in men’s 85kg weightlifting

first_imgPoland’s Adrian Edward Zielinski has won the gold medal in weightlifting men’s 85kg category with a total of 385kg. Zielinski, 23, standing in the third place with the snatch of 174kg, showed off his strength in clean-and-jerk with the final attempt of 211kg to take the gold away from 19-year-old Russian Apti Aukhadov, by virtue of his lighter bodyweight, as both athletes totalled 385kg.”I was sure I was going to get a medal. But in the last lift I felt a second strength so I just decided to go for it,” said Zielinski on his last lift.Zielinski won the world title in 2010 with 383kg and this year’s Polish championships with an outstanding total of 395kg. However, he did this in the 94kg category, weighing about 5kg above his usual limit.The night was not for event favourites. Iranian lifter Kianoush Rostami, 2011 world champion, who lifted 399kg total in the national team trials, managed only the first attempt of snatch and clean-and jerk, took the bronze medal with 380kg in total.Chinese lifter Lu Yong, defending Olympic champion, led in snatch with 178kg but was unable to stay in top gear and eliminated for three no-lifts in clean-and-jerk.Other pre-competition favourites who failed to register a total included Andrei Rybakou of Belarus, Olympic silver medallist in 2004 and 2008, and Asian champion Sourab Moradi of Iran, neither of whom managed to complete a successful snatch attempt.Earlier in the Excel arena, Kazakhstan weightlifter Svetlana Podobedova won the gold medal in women’s 75kg category with a total of 291kg. Russian lifter Natalya Zabolotnaya won the silver and Belarus lifter Iryna Kulesha bagged the bronze.advertisementlast_img read more

India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd T20I in Indore: Chance for Rohit Sharma to win another series

first_imgTeam India led by stand-in captain Rohit Sharma will look to seal the three-match T20I series against Sri Lanka when the two sides meet in Indore for the second T20I on Friday.The hosts hammered the visitors by 93 runs in the first T20I in Cuttack after the Lankans were bowled out for 87 in chase of 181.The Indians rode on some brilliant bowling performances from young Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav and the returning Jaydev Unadkat in a dew-hit Barabati on Tuesday. The leggie bagged 4/23 from his four overs while the Kuldeep picked up two wickets for just 18 runs. On the other hand, the Lankans are going through a terrible phase of transition during which they are badly in need of reliable performers.The result has been a lack of contest and one-sided results, prompting many to question the very logic of India playing such a weak side again and again. (India vs Sri Lanka: MS Dhoni’s shot almost killed me, says KL Rahul)This series has hardly proved to be a good preparation for the challenging South Africa tour that awaits India next month, considering the home team’s domination in the absence of a good opposition in favourable conditions.The Indian batsmen have made merry against a toothless attack. Runs and wickets always give confidence to the players but there is a question mark over how much these performances will count in the South African conditions. (India vs Sri Lanka: MS Dhoni uses brute force, KL Rahul forced to take evasive action. Watch)advertisementAbsence of regular skipper Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan has not given any respite to the Sri Lankans, who overtly rely on seniors such as Angelo Mathews.However, even the senior Lankan players have struggled to counter the Indian bowlers and batsmen.A robust domestic structure coupled with Indian Premier League (IPL) has prepared a good bench strength for the hosts.Players such as Chahal and Kuldeep have managed to carve a niche for themselves immediately after making their international debuts.Sri Lanka need captain Thisara Perera, Upul Tharanga and Mathews to lead by example. They have been part of the side for long and only strong performances by them can infuse life and hope into this dejected side.Players such as Dusmantha Chameera and Dhananjaya De Silva have shown promise and need guidance to be consistent.India does not need its best team to prevail over the current Sri Lankan combination, yet it is imperative that they keep performing well.They may not get big credit for success but failure against weaker opponents would surely put them in negative light.Mahendra Singh Dhoni, whose finishing prowess has been under the scanner for some time now, got some runs under his belt after being promoted to number four in Cuttack and is likely to continue in the same position so that he gets enough overs in match situation before the ODI and T20 challenge in South Africa.Shreyas Iyer, who scored 24 in Cuttack, would also look to get some substantial runs in the absence of Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan.KL Rahul is in good touch and Indian bowlers are also in fine rhythm since the beginning of this tour. It won’t be a surprise if they continue to dominate the Lankan batsmen.(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more