One Worldwide Culture of Supporting Customers

first_imgOn a recent trip to India, I was struck by how quickly the market and the capabilities of the EMC Center of Excellence (COE) in Bangalore have matured since the COE operational model was kicked off in 2006.EMC’s Centers of Excellence are part of a coordinated global network of operations that enables multiple EMC business units to tap into talent pools to deliver world-class innovation and services to our customers in a consistent manner. From the beginning, Global Services’ goal has been for customers to not be able to tell whether a service was delivered by a team from down the street or half a world away. To us, global service delivery means giving sales and services teams everywhere the ability to pull together the right mix—in language, skillset, time, cost, and location—to meet their specific customers’ needs quickly and effectively.It was great to see the Bangalore COE adding to the depth and breadth of its capabilities and investing in new structural assets, such as a network command center that will provide more proactive monitoring for Managed Services customers worldwide.But for me, truly great progress has happened outside the COE. It’s exciting to see how sales and delivery teams all over the world are increasingly bringing in teams from Bangalore right from the start—as a collaborator, to help with pre-sales strategies and technical sales presentation materials—as well as with post-sale services.For customers who visit the Bangalore COE, the first thing that strikes them is the state-of-the-art facility. But what ultimately matters is the caliber of the people working inside the facility. Everything, from the management style, to the tools and training, to the building and grounds, has been designed to attract and retain the most talented and trustworthy service professionals. And we got it right. Today, we’re an employer of choice in India.As much as the local culture and landscape may vary from India, to Ireland, to New England, the minute you walk into a COE, whether in Bangalore, Cork, or Hopkinton, Massachusetts, you suddenly find yourself “back home at EMC.” It’s something our multinational customers recognize, too. There’s a “one EMC” culture that crosses geographical borders—and that’s something our customers very much want in a partner on their own IT transformation journey.last_img read more

The power of Three: Dell and Intel technology leadership for SAP HANA in-memory analytics

first_imgLearn more about / Future Ready / Dell Innovations for SAP. Get in contact with the Global SAP Center of Excellence – Dell’s Think Tank for SAP. While every SAP customer is considering a move to SAP HANA in the next few years – given the maintenance strategy of SAP for non-SAP HANA platforms on the one hand, and on the other hand the rising need of enterprises to gain real-time insights to drive smarter and faster decisions – a comprehensive view and evaluation of the required components to run a SAP HANA in-memory solution is key to success of the business adoption.SAP HANA stand alone as in-memory software platform for real-time and predictive analytics won’t deliver the great promises and benefits. This is only possible in conjunction with powerful infrastructure technologies that can process data-intensive workloads such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) especially S/4 HANA, supply-chain management (SCM), online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP), and data warehousing in-memory for rapid analysis. For this purpose Dell, Intel, and SAP have teamed to provide enterprises with a data-center solution that is highly agile and high-performing, and that supports the growth of companies.As a result enterprises can benefit from Dell PowerEdge R930 servers with the latest Intel Xeon E7-8890 V4 processors that recently set two new Dell SAP HANA world-record benchmarks* with a performance improvement of nearly a quarter compared to the previous R930 servers with Intel E7v3 processors (press release):The Dell-Intel SAP HANA performance leadership helps enterprises to accelerate performance across the data center, to deliver real insights with real value in real time for the largest workloads running on fast, high-performing infrastructure combined with faster transaction speeds and accelerated operationsRead the latest solution brief from Dell, Intel and SAP to learn more about real-time responsiveness, quick results, and increased productivity making smarter data center with leading technology to run SAP HANA in-memory analytics at its best.But what is Dell’s SAP HANA story beyond the PowerEdge Server? There is quite a lot more you can do – think about:Even more flexibility and scalability with Cloud Reference Architecture for SAP HANA Smart Connected Business for SAP using SAP HANA and Internet of Things technologiesOr special use cases in health leveraging the Dell Reference Architecture for SAP Connected Health powered by SAP HANA and how this solution can help creating opportunities for faster diagnosis and treatment, such as fighting against cancer. Video SAP TV: The Pulse – Precision Medicine. * Claim based on best-published four-socket SAP BW-AML* @ 2 billion initial records result submitted to/published at as of 5 June 2016. New configuration: 1-Node, 4 x Intel® Xeon® processors E7-8890 v4 (96 cores/192 threads) on Dell PowerEdge* R930 with 1536 GB total memory on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server* 11 SP4 for SAP Applications using SAP HANA* 1.0, SAP NetWeaver* 7.50. Benchmark: SAP HANA* (BW-AML) @ 2 billion initial records, Score: 29,560 advanced query navigation steps. Source: SAP Certificate #2016025, based on best-published four-socket SAP BW-AML* @ 4 Billion initial records result submitted to/published at as of 5 June 2016. 1-Node, 4 x Intel® Xeon® processors E7-8890 v4 (96 cores/192 threads) on Dell PowerEdge* R930 with 1536 GB total memory on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server* 11 SP4 for SAP Applications using SAP HANA* 1.0, SAP NetWeaver* 7.50. Benchmark: SAP HANA* (BW-AML) @ 4 Billion initial records, Score: 18,440 advanced query navigation steps. Source: SAP Certificate #2016026, read more

Don’t Miss THE Technology Event coming to Chicago! Dell Tech Forum 11/6

first_imgThe Dell Technologies Forum series is coming to Chicago on Nov 6th 2018 at the The Palmer House Hilton, 17 E. Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603. We’re looking forward to seeing you to explore the huge changes driven by relentless innovation, new digital business models and tech-savvy customers.We’ve created a unique environment built to give you direct access to the latest technologies, connect you with your peers and Dell Technologies leaders, and provide you with time to engage in valuable knowledge-sharing. In other words, it’s an event you don’t want to miss. This is also your opportunity to experience the power of seven technology leaders committed to your transformation: Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream and VMware. Come see how our one family of strategically aligned businesses can help you accelerate your business success.Our day will be kicked off by our keynote speaker for the event: Patricia Florissi, Vice President, Global CTO for Sales & Distinguished Engineer, Dell EMC. Learn more about Patricia.View the agenda: Customize your learning experience to meet your business and career needs with 9 Breakout Tracks | 10+ Hands-On Labs | 45+ Sessions across multiple cutting-edge tech topics. Interactive demos, sessions and hands-on labs are designed to give you practical experience with innovative technologies, deepen your technical skills and prepare you for certification exams.A special call out to our Women in Technology! Please join Christine Fraser, Chief Responsibility Officer, Dell Technologies, for an enlightening discussion on advancing women in STEM careers at the Women in Technology session at the Dell Technologies Forum in Chicago. You will walk away with actionable ideas you can take within your own organizations around this effort… be it revisiting your Diversity & Inclusion plans,  taking a closer look at your company’s gender bias or pay policies or simply by connecting with others championing women in IT efforts.It’s Also A Lot of Fun! Don’t miss you chance at winning some seriously cool swag, networking with your peers, and suprises we have in store for you during the event.Got Colleagues? Bring them along to the best technology event that comes to you in your city. It’s as easy as forwarding this invite over to them.Make your transformation real. Save your spot today.last_img read more

Meet Deep Learning with Intel – The New Addition to the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI Portfolio

first_imgThis post is co-authored by Carlos Morales, Senior Director of Deep Learning Systems, AI Products Group, IntelThe new Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI – Deep Learning with Intel accelerates AI insights, optimizes TCO and offers a fast on-ramp for deep learning workloads.In a quest to bring the promise of artificial intelligence to life and capitalize on the massive amounts of data generated on a 24×7 basis, many organizations are rushing to pull together the different technology elements needed to power deep learning workloads. Today, this quest just got a lot easier with the launch of a new Ready Solutions for AI based on Dell EMC and Intel innovation.The Deep Learning with Intel solution joins the growing portfolio of Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI and was unveiled today at International Super Computing in Frankfurt. This integrated hardware and software solution is powered by Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, Dell EMC PowerSwitch networking, and scale-out Isilon NAS storage and leverages the newest AI capabilities of Intel’s 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor microarchitecture, Nauta open source software and includes enterprise support. The solution empowers organizations to deliver on the combined needs of their data science and IT teams and leverages deep learning to fuel their competitiveness.Dell Technologies Consulting Services help customers implement and operationalize Ready Solution technologies and AI libraries, and scale their data engineering and data science capabilities. Once deployed, ProSupport experts provide comprehensive hardware and collaborative software support to help ensure optimal system performance and minimize downtime. Additionally, Education Services offers courses and certifications on data science, advanced analytics and more.AI simplifiedThe new Deep Learning with Intel solution simplifies the path to AI-powered applications with the fully featured container-based Nauta deep learning platform which offers an innovative template pack approach that eliminates the need for data scientists to learn the intricacies of Kubernetes. In addition, Dell EMC’s data scientists have built use case examples for image recognition, natural language processing and recommendation engines to help customers understand the capabilities of the solution’s architecture.Deep Learning with Intel is also pre-configured with the TensorFlow distributed deep learning framework, Horovod and all the requisite libraries for data modeling. This simplified path to productivity is both easy to setup and easy to use and empowers your data scientists to spend their time building models that generate value instead of wrangling with IT infrastructure.Faster, deeper AI insightsOnce the Deep Learning with Intel solution is up and running, you’re positioned to accelerate model training and testing with the power of 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processors. This next-generation processor is at the heart of Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420 servers used in the Deep Learning with Intel solution, and together with the newest software optimizations for TensorFlow and supporting libraries, model training time is greatly reduced. The processor also includes new Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI) that radically speeds up deep learning inference workloads with more efficient 8-bit integer data formats and instructions to power through four times as much data as was possible with 32-bit single precision floating point methods.[1]The solution is integrated with the multi-user open-source Nauta software platform that enables containerized training workloads which ran up to 18% faster than the same workloads on a bare metal system. As your organization needs grow, the Deep Learning with Intel solution enables near-linear scaling, achieving 80% of theoretical maximum performance when the number of compute nodes is scaled from one to 16.[2]Enhanced TCOFinally, the new Ready Solutions for AI is great from a total cost of ownership perspective, especially when compared to cloud and hardware-accelerated solutions. For deep learning training workloads as an example, the three-year TCO is 24% less on Deep Learning for Intel relative to a leading public cloud service, while providing double the compute time (24 hours per day versus 12 hours per day), and ten times the storage capacity (100TB versus 10TB).[3]Public cloud AI service costs can vary widely, and monthly charges can be surprisingly high when inadvertent mistakes lead to runaway processes that consume excessive CPU time or generate massive volumes of data. On the other hand, the Dell EMC Deep Learning with Intel on-premises solution provides managers and financial accountants with known and predictable expenses, while enabling your organization to drive standardization and control over your infrastructure and data.Key takeawaysThe new Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI – Deep Learning with Intel is an ideal choice for organizations looking to leverage container-based environments to run both single node and distributed deep learning training and inferencing workloads. It simplifies the path to productivity for data science teams and IT and delivers better-than-bare-metal performance. And like all Dell EMC Ready Solutions, this solution is based on a linearly scalable building‑block approach so your deep learning environment can grow to meet your changing needs as time goes on.Here’s the bottom line: With the included software, servers, networking, storage and services, all optimized for AI workloads, the Deep Learning with Intel solution gives you just about everything you need for an AI-powered organization. Just add data and stir.To learn moreFor a closer look at the capabilities of the Ready Solutions for AI – Deep Learning with Intel, visit[1] Intel news release, “Intel Shows Breadth of Data-Centric Platform with Cascade Lake Advanced Performance and Xeon E-2100,” November 4, 2018.[2] Enterprise Strategy Group Technical Validation Report, Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: Deep Learning with Intel, April 2019[3] Enterprise Strategy Group Technical Validation Report, Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: Deep Learning with Intel, April 2019last_img read more

Should You Buy a Name-Brand or a Commodity Server? Research Reveals the Answer

first_imgName brand buyers don’t want to have to reboot their servers, but when they do have to reboot, they want it to happen quickly (52%). Commodity buyers care less about this (39%).[1] If you prize key business objectives, you will most likely gravitate toward the high performance and high functionality of a global name brand. And there are even differences among global brands. Dell EMC outranked commodity brands on almost all criteria. How did we measure this? On the Frost & Sullivan survey, survey participants were asked to indicate their preferred brand and rank how it stacked up to the competition. Categories ranged from reliable availability to information security assurance to scalable designs.Global name-brand players are where it’s at when it comes to crucial features like security. Dell EMC servers offer protection from threats ranging from malware injections to data breaches. Commodity brands simply don’t.Just as you might look for cutting-edge features when buying a new car, you might be looking for cutting-edge features in a server. Those features probably don’t exist in a commodity server. And if they do, they probably haven’t been tested.Read the complete Frost & Sullivan report here.To learn more about Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, visit, or join the conversation on Twitter @DellEMCservers.[1] Frost and Sullivan, Hardware Does Matter: Global Server Brands Are Perceived as Superior for Driving Digital Business Do you think a server is a commodity? Frost & Sullivan found that most savvy businesses don’t think a server is a commodity. In fact, organizations with strategic business objectives place greater value on server characteristics that directly impact these outcomes. Buying a server is not like buying corn.Commodity brands are characterized by high-volume, low-price strategies. Name brands are characterized by a broad portfolio of products and services, and offer products vetted with testing and validation. Buyers of name-brand servers tend to be laser focused on business-related outcomes. They place a greater priority on factors like security and reliable availability. Buyers of commodity-brand servers are less concerned with strategic business benefits and more focused on purely with maximizing how far their dollars go. For example:Buyers of name brand servers value protection against hardware and firmware compromise more than twice as much as those who purchase commodity brands.last_img read more

Orders to US factories for big-ticket manufactured goods rose modest 0.2% in December with investment posting 0.6% gain

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — Orders to US factories for big-ticket manufactured goods rose modest 0.2% in December with investment posting 0.6% gain.last_img

Judge: Corps must decide next move on Dakota Access pipeline

first_imgBISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A federal judge says the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers must outline its plans after an appeals court confirmed that the Dakota Access pipeline is operating without a key permit. Pipeline opponents want it shut down immediately. U.S. District Judge James Boasberg has set a status hearing for Feb. 10 to discuss the impact of Tuesday’s opinion by the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals that upheld Boasberg’s ruling ordering the Corps to conduct a full environmental impact review. Boasberg said in his one-sentence order the the Corps needs to show how it “expects to proceed given the vacating” of a federal permit granting easement for the pipeline to cross beneath Lake Oahe.last_img read more

Deal or no deal: Virus aid tests Biden ‘work together’ plea

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden pitched himself during the presidential campaign as someone who could “get people working together” and lower the temperature in a Washington overheated by Donald Trump. Now, after his first full week as president, Biden is coming face to face with the potential limitations of his ability to work across the aisle as he pushes a giant coronavirus relief bill that is the first big test of his tenure. Republicans are balking at the price tag. And Democrats are sending signals that they’re willing to push the bill through without GOP help.last_img read more

Mexican soldiers rescue toddler abandoned in Rio Grande

first_imgMEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican authorities say soldiers and immigration agents have rescued a 2-year-old girl from Chile after she apparently fell into the Rio Grande and the adults who were with her left her and crossed the river into the United States. Mexico’s National Immigration Institute said Sunday that the incident happened a day earlier as a group of migrants was crossing the river near Ciudad Acuna, across from Del Rio, Texas. The agency says the adults made gestures, pointing out the toddler to soldiers and immigration agents, who waded into the river to rescue her. Officials say the adults did not stop to retrieve the girl and continued across the river. The girl has been placed with child welfare authorities.last_img read more

Coup a further complication for tricky Myanmar-China ties

first_imgBANGKOK (AP) — Before Monday’s coup, relations between Myanmar and China already were complicated by Chinese investments in its infrastructure and the Myanmar military’s campaigns along their shared border. The military deposed civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi a little over a year after Chinese President Xi Jinping made a show of support to her with the first visit by a head of state from Beijing to Myanmar since 2001. Analysts say that even if China played no role at all in ousting Suu Kyi, Beijing is likely to gain still greater sway over the country. That’s even more likely if the U.S. and other Western governments try to punish the new military regime through sanctions.last_img read more