Let love fly flow about joining Shanghai news source function and method

2, the page number. Add love to Shanghai news source, the website weight will significantly improve the hair the most loved Shanghai news second, previous published articles will be re indexed to love Shanghai. I found a website is love Shanghai news source, "the total amount collected within a short period of time is doubled.

3, keywords ranking rose

. Here the keyword ranking rose in two aspects, one is the Internet users in the use of love Shanghai web search, in the keyword search results page generally occur with words related to sources of news website news, two news websites in the source to create long tail keywords hair there is a big advantage, everyone in the search of long tail keywords when often find some news read more

How to do the analysis and selection of the site keywords

: please keep the URL


is a website of the current keywords, but also to find ways to analyze the long tail keywords through the target keywords, such as the target keyword selection alias, selection of interrogative sentences and so on are optimized, such as Beida tuition money, Beijing prize.the campus where home is good? Prize.the employment? Such a long tail keywords although the search volume is not however, it can optimize a good ranking, and through these long tail keywords over the user conversion rate is quite high, so it is very important to the long tail keywords selection and analysis is a construction site in the read more

How to effectively deal with the new sites through the search engine

be not at all surprising!The chain > five, looking for high quality

to solve this problem is solved, associated with increased theme of the site of the original article, for example: you are a cake shop, that only sell cake, do not sell stationery. The search engine is not a fool, remember.


, one of the reasons is still in the newly established website of love Shanghai, and even individual old site will be a similar situation


address: for the old, this is already the It is quite common for, remember the article published in time to bring your own the chain, there are a large number of websites reproduced your original articles, is very important for the transfer of website weight. The search engine also improved, at least for now, they are also capable of judging, what time out, just a matter of time. Be sure to bring your site links, otherwise, it would be someone else’s original, small loss. read more

Optimization and optimization of Shanghai noble baby love what are the essential differences between

do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends often have a question: why do I love Shanghai website ranking is very good, but Google has disappeared? Why my website Google ranking is very good, but the love of Shanghai has disappeared? I’m doing this for more than a year in Shanghai dragon inside, have been in practice and find the answer to this question, today I analyze this problem from the following five aspects according to their actual combat experience.

Google >


noble baby does not consider the basic link of the depth of the problem, he thought is accord with the retrieval, so many low level directory page is very easy to get good rankings. That is to say if your homepage and your website a level directory of TITLE which are the key words, relative to the keywords, ranking your site a directory may be better than your home, careful Adsense may find this phenomenon. Love and treat Shanghai link depth a certain rating system, the highest home page weight, the inside pages will drop one level. read more

Love the sea k who the reflection of Shanghai dragon industry need Jingxiaxinlai

believe that many Shanghai dragon industry friends love Shanghai large-scale K station, especially large-scale rectification medical site impressed, because in that period can be said to be a medical site in the darkest days of numerous medical station was K to death, the medical station industry is seriously bleeding drift scull, too horrible to look at. In fact, until now, to love Shanghai medical station attitude is not so friendly, but at least to know, now love Shanghai for medical related website site audit and review all the old station is very strict, at least compared with other industries, more strict. For different industry site, different types of websites, love Shanghai gradually began to distinguish treat, for some related to the livelihood of the industry, love the attitude of Shanghai can be said to be hard again strike, although Shanghai is now the main love just K off most of false medical sites and some illegal sites, but who to ensure a crackdown by industry is not read more

sh419 alliance traffic statistics service award winning research listHe has left Sohu Youku and qi

in the media product investment, propaganda Jolimark distribution, content production, commercial derivative four strategy, product investment and publicity issue is the focus of the current force kongyue. According to Gao Rui, the whole team a total of more than 50 people, and the staff accounted for more than half.

Facing the road he chose,

a year for three rounds of financing, and is the key force

video platform system has developed into an infrastructure like water and electricity, and the content products become more and more important. Gao Rui saw an opportunity, in September 2015, he and several friends co founded a film company Kongyue media. read more

How to use the Shanghai dragon type B2B Small and micro businesses tens of millions do

after optimization, the key words on the website of the row to the first page of the love of Shanghai. As long as the keywords on your site row to the first page of Shanghai love, every day will naturally have the intention of customers to find you, take the initiative to your inquiry and order.


so, how the Shanghai dragon, a year to tens of millions of

Shanghai dragon

B2B, is the abbreviation of Business-to-Business, refers to the enterprise to the enterprise marketing relationship between. Generally speaking, is the enterprise to sell products to other companies. read more

More than two years experience of how see Shanghai dragon Shanghai Dragon ndustry

for some of the views of Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon industry, I share the following aspects, of course, is a personal view does not have the reference value, welcome webmaster friends. And share

and another specifically customized tank customers is the opposite, with the regional key words words, so save a lot of cost optimization for customers, in addition to the keyword ranking time is relatively short, more important is, after the keywords ranking up I asked him if he had no effect in the end there is no customer looking for your custom tank he said, "yes, I have received several single". read more

Love in fact Shanghai has been paying close attention to your website

I have a website – Taoge registration code software station, in one day, I changed the address space, in order to change the virtual host, independent IP, but due to the original big data website (more than 400 MB), and the school’s speed is relatively slow, so, on my first day to download the official website of the dedecms. After the latest version 5.7 download and install, and before the original database restore, but simply modify the site title, the domain name of the website, the results on the second night, I love Shanghai Taoge registered domain name search code, the snapshot time changed. A setup time snapshot day yesterday. And I see the web page, the page is not found in the snapshot of any of the contents of the newly installed system page. I think: love before Shanghai has been for a long time have not updated snapshot website (in fact, I have a long time not to update the article.). I love Shanghai for this website to adjust how are so sensitive? In fact, love Chi think: love has been concerned about the Shanghai Taoge registration code of the site, the long-term not update the snapshot, and not love Shanghai not to grab you, but your website is not updated. As long as you update your site, will love Shanghai in second days, or in the future will update your website, just a matter of time. Sometimes we view a snapshot of our time, find love Shanghai snapshot of that time is our last update date of this article, this is also a design example of love in Shanghai every day to crawl sites to witness, or love. read more

How to plan e commerce in the early stageNew interpretation of venture capital network classificatio

I believe that see blog, most of the network are very interested, yesterday suddenly received an email saying "look at my network is how to receive the first pot of gold" as the title of the temptation, I point into a look, before "fully open, full screen is $0.03 similar to that, I know it’s $click advertising that the so-called network those who make money, I did N years ago, is someone who is relatively popular keywords network" Wangzhuan ", here, I remind those who are engaged in this industry, and to receive money from the shy, fill a man in his bag, give up the" occupation "," high "in the new network, another way to get more money for the future online, a lot of things you need to learn. read more