BlackBerry PlayBook rooted

first_imgIf the HP TouchPad taught the world anything, it’s that people suddenly become a whole lot more interested in non-iPad tablets when they’re sold off at dirt-cheap prices. Now that RIM has done the same to the BlackBerry PlayBook, dev interest is picking up — in fact, hacker Chris Wade has already rooted his PlayBook.For the average PlayBook owner, there’s probably not a lot to get excited about just yet. You won’t be able to root your PlayBook and install CyanogenMod, for example. Right now, Wade’s root simply gives him permanent elevated permissions on the PlayBook. That means he (and other devs who follow his lead) can poke around in the tablet’s code and enable further hacking advances.Wade offers some information that will be appreciated by those who might want to root their PlayBooks. First, he plans on packaging and releasing a tool to root the PlayBook called DingleBerry.  Second, it’s an untethered jailbreak meaning it persists across reboots. Third, it’s compatible with all versions of the PlayBook OS — including the recently released OS 2.0 beta. Root access even remains intact when upgrading from one OS version to another.Wade has a history of similar software and firmware wizardry, hacking devices like the PSP, iWallet, iPod touch, and iPhone. Interestingly enough, he rooted the BlackBerry PlayBook emulator way back in April of this year. Apparently it just took a $300 price cut to convince him to pick up a physical version of RIM’s tablet and set about performing the root on an actual PlayBook.What’s next, now that the PlayBook has been rooted? Personally, I’m hoping someone with PlayBook OS 2.0 figures out how to enable the cameras for Android apps. Voice chat on Skype is nice and all, but video chat would be even better.More at Twitter and N4BBlast_img

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