32GB Microsoft Surface has just 16GB available to users

first_imgThe Microsoft Surface has finally arrived, and that means it’s time to start digging down into the specs and features to see what this device is really made of. The Surface is Microsoft’s first-party attempt at making a consumer-friendly Windows RT device. It runs on an ARM processor, has a funky optional keyboard cover, and comes in 32 and 64GB storage varieties. As it turns out, this works out to be less storage than expected — the 32GB tablet has only 16GB free upon first boot.Differing storage numbers are nothing new in the realm of computing, but this is a fairly significant drop. As is the case with all Windows devices, part of the missing space is not actually missing. Storage is usually advertised using decimal numbers — assuming that a gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes. Windows and most other operating systems calculate storage using binary, so a gigabyte is 1024 MB. That accounts for 3GB of the difference.Windows RT devices also have a partition for recovery tools. Since the platform is much less open than full Windows, these tools are necessary in the event of system failure. These tools take up a whopping 5GB of the remaining space. The operating system itself, as well as the built-in apps, takes up another 8GB of space. This leaves us at 16GB remaining out of the total 32GB. The 64GB tablet has 46GB remaining for users.This is a big chunk of storage, but it’s not the end of the world. Windows RT supports external storage, and the Surface has a microSD card slot for up to 64GB of additional space. Microsoft is also keen to point out that SkyDrive is built into the OS for a few more gigabytes of online storage.Now that we know how much space Windows RT takes up, it’s no surprise Microsoft has opted not to make a 16GB version of the Surface. With just 16GB of internal space, that would leave the user with less than 2GB to play with.via Microsoftlast_img

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