From Bud to GoDaddy The best and worst Super Bowl XLVII commercials

first_imgIt’s by far the most expensive commercial minute in broadcast television, and those breaks in the action are often the most talked about things for days after they air. Especially this year, where the Super Bowl broke viewing records, the most important part of your commercial is to be good or bad enough that you’re on everyone’s mind. This year was no different, with commercials that hit every kind of consumer for the four hour long spectacle that is the Super Bowl.Team spiritNo one knows the outcome of the game, so when you write commercials that play on team spirit you have to be careful not to ruffle the feathers of either team’s fans. The Tide Commercial was easily the best of the game, making sure to give fans on both sides of the coin toss a reason to cheer.Upcoming moviesThe commercials you see during the Super Bowl for movies that are about to hit the theaters are almost always blockbusters. This year was no different with Oz: The Great and Powerful, World War Z, The Lone Ranger, and a hilarious “extended look” at Iron Man 3.Just plain wrongThe team responsible for GoDaddy’s commercial minute had a decision to make — they could either make a commercial that made people laugh, or they could make a commercial that made people cringe. While their commercial was by far the most disturbing, at least people aren’t talking about their involvement in SOPA anymore. GoDaddy’s objectification of women, and now geeks, knows no bounds.Samsung vs. BlackBerrySamsung and Blackberry both offered commercials for the Super Bowl this year. Samsung thought theirs was so good that they teased a prequel a few days before the big game. BlackBerry’s Z10 commercial focused on confusing as many people as possible for most of their commercial, but ended it with just enough to pique interest for the new phone.Food and drinkTaco Bell, Doritos, and Pizza Hut all put their best foot forward to give you something to laugh about, but only one of these commercials featured a goat with a mean streak.Budweiser managed to release more commercials for the Super Bowl than any other company, but their best commercial features one of their oldest staples, the Clydesdales.While Pepsi and Coke battle back and forth to convince you that their flavor is the one you really want in your mouth, there was a Milk commercial featuring The Rock that targeted more age groups than you’d think possible in a single commercial.For most people, Super Bowl commercials are the only advertisements of the year that they go and watch on purpose. There are plenty other commercials worth watching, and fortunately Hulu and YouTube have all of them ready for you to watch for free.last_img

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