You Can Access NASAs Research Via New Searchable Database

first_img NASA Wins 2 Emmys for Mars Mission, SpaceX Dragon Flight ProgrammingTune In As Brad Pitt Speaks With NASA Astronaut on ISS NASA has an enormous repository of research papers in its possession, but it’s never exactly been easy to wade through all of them in the past few years. That’s why NASA has gone forward with a new web portal that will allow you to look through its research results in a much more expedient and simplified manner.The new portal is called PubSpace, and it’s comprised of thousands of peer-reviewed science journal articles created by NASA-funded research on a pretty varied number of topics. You can download data up to a year from within its original publication date, which means you’ll have plenty to comb through. At its inception, the database contained over 850 articles, but there’s more to come as the days go by. This should be especially helpful if you’ve got a paper to write, research to conduct, or just want to further those knowledge bases in that noggin of yours.NASA is interested in making the data it’s collected over the last few years more accessible with a better interface and much easier ways to invite people to search through what’s on offer. This should also make compiling information from the uploaded research results to further scientific knowledge an even simpler affair. The easier it is for the public to go through data that’s been collected online, the easier it’ll be for others to take that knowledge and apply it to current and future projects.NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman summed up the new portal thusly:“At NASA, we are celebrating this opportunity to extend access to our extensive portfolio of scientific and technical publications. Through open access and innovation, we invite the global community to join us in exploring Earth, air, and space.”So go forward, global community, and see what’s on offer out there! NASA has made it as simple for you as it possibly can. Stay on targetlast_img

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