Vancouver Womens Foundation helps women in dire straits

first_imgo E-mail: [email protected] Website: Vancouver Women’s Foundation.o There is no direct telephone number.One was a domestic violence survivor who needed to get out of town — immediately. The Vancouver Women’s Foundation paid for her bus fare to safe relatives in another part of the country, where she could start life over again.Another was the mother of a disabled child whose old car was falling apart. She couldn’t get her child to important medical appointments. The Vancouver Women’s Foundation paid for a new (used) car.First of all was a former meth addict whose addiction had destroyed her teeth. The drugs were behind her, but the ruined mouth was making it impossible for her to get a job — or even eat well.The need for one set of dentures, so that woman could feed and present herself in public, is what inspired a small group of well-heeled Vancouver women in 2000 to start pooling their funds and making emergency grants to women in dire straits. Thirteen years later, they’ve doled out well over $1 million in small increments — rarely more than $2,000, often much less — to well over 1,000 recipients.“A big focus when we started out was educating women about philanthropy,” said founding member Jan Oliva. “That sounds like no big deal now, in 2013, but it was in the year 2000. There was a big buzz going around the nation about getting women involved in philanthropy.”last_img

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