December 20 2013We continue the report about the

first_imgDecember 20, 2013We continue the report about the East Foundry Apartment and surrounding landscape renovation [see posts from 12/16 and 12/18/2013]. Construction and planning intern Andres Felipe Quintero and construction staff Paolo Van Erp complete the reinforcement steel for the upper stair slab and the wall that will be the back of the planter.[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]Construction crew chief Dan Reiff with Felipe, distributing concrete in the form.The concrete mixer is set up in the parking area next to the north Vault and here are Alexandra, Michael and Paolo bringing wheel barrows of concrete.Dan and Felipe are screeding and Scott Neigut is smoothing out the surface of the slab.This is a good project for the workshop and volunteers to learn all of the steps for a concrete slab, formwork, steel reinforcement, the mixing and working of concrete, finish work, and installation of form and steel for connecting walls.More about this in upcoming reports.last_img

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