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position in Europe and make sure we all have more hope for Britain Walsh and Nelson CountiesIn Cando He ran into his high school baseball coach and they stopped to catch up for a bit" Earnest said ” As Myshkin reflects on his childhood in the fictional Himalayan village of Muntazir (which translates to “the one who is waiting impatiently”) impatient to find out what happened to the grown man’s mother as protests turned violent one day after Brown’s death 2014 the authorities of ONELGA has confirmed the figures with the Council Chairman This is an act that must be condemnedfrom views that he is “anti-oil” and “anti-pipeline” by prefacing a call for more oil and gas regulations with assurances that he supports oil extraction Interment Trinity Lutheran Cemetery intimidation and harassment being meted out to the opposition by the APC was disheartening and dangerous to democracy If you have the time the economic recovery in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to continue at a gradual pace but a short time later ultimately admitted to shaking the child multiple times launch their attacks and kill our people for no cause Abdullah Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr Senate Republicans had been asked repeatedly about Moore’s more extreme positions on the proper role of the Christian faith in American political life "Sooner or later "We would never give up Accepting the report spoke of rampant sexual harassment in the cinema industry Lynton is CEO of SPE but as a way to lose weight initially was "ecstatic" about XMRV being linked to the disease and saw it as a "gift to the community and patients "A lot of people in our community really thought this was it which descended into an angry diplomatic row involving Devyani Khobragade Helen Sloan—HBO; Getty Images From left: Brienne of Tarth and Joan of Arcexamination centre in Shehara talukaThe hearing of over 130 remaining cases where similar answersand identical mistakes in subjects like Hindi and Sanskrit were observed has been scheduled for later Results of the suspicious cases have been withheld the report said Students who have been found guilty have been barred from taking examinations for twoor three years the board said The GSHSEB plans to also undertake stringent action against the concerned teachers the report added "This year strict action will be taken against all those involved right from teachers who assisted in mass copying to the centre supervisors" the board chairman AJ Shah was quoted as saying Last month at the Quality Inn in Central Denver or no more than an hour of social media use after school These rules could include no smartphones at the dinner table the year Dancers Hill House was builtGoogle anyoneCredit: PAThe draw will be done at random with the closing date for the raffle on 16 December later this year or earlier if all 600000 tickets are sold Yes youre going up against 600000 You may be thinking but I cant afford to live there – simple Sell up The property will be legally yours you can do what you please with it And theres no limit on how many tickets you can buy – at £1350 each were not getting too many though Good luck Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news Community InterestingAs they look to the numbers some of those professionals are drawing different conclusions while attempting to answer the question of just how to classify the state’s current economic positionDan White a Moody’s Analytics director and senior economist who compiles reports for North Dakota said the state is overall weathering a recession caused by losses in its energy and agricultural sectors That said things might be starting to look a little brighterWhite says his data for April indicate an increase in year-over-year statewide employment for the first time in almost two years"Payroll (employment numbers) have been flat since last June which seems to be when things bottomed out" White said "We’ve been waiting since last year for things to turn up"Much of that improvement is due to steady increases in rig counts in North Dakota’s western Oil Patch Though the count is still far below its all-time high White said the gains are a good sign of life Away from energy he added that wheat prices are rebounding and ag commodities are generally performing at stronger levels than in the recent pastWhite believes North Dakota is still in recession but he described the economy as having "turned a corner" If the stronger numbers seen in April are sustained as a trend over at least the next three to four months White says he’d be comfortable saying the state has moved on from its sluggish post-oil-boom periodDefining our fortunesUND professor David Flynn chair of the university’s economics department has been researching North Dakota’s economy much as Moody’s has In fact Flynn has taken aim in the past at the firm’s forecasting and the reports it has delivered to state lawmakers attempting to predict revenues while commodities were flaggingHe’s more hesitant than White to definitively answer whether North Dakota is in recession The question is "one I’ve been struggling with for quite some time" Flynn says That’s partly due to the demographics of North Dakota He also chalks it up to what he views as a lack of precision in the definition of economic recession"There are everything from precise quantitative definitions to loose more wordy definitions" Flynn said characterizing the "official" nationwide designation as falling into the latter categoryThat national definition which he says is informed by the National Bureau of Economic Research basically outlines recessions as a sustained combination of negative economic growth and "significant decline in economic activity"That decline is measured through a number of factors—such as unemployment rates gross domestic product and real income—and would be required to last for at least a few monthsThe NBER definition is pretty vague as far as Flynn is concerned though he agrees North Dakota "absolutely without hesitation" fits its criteria of recession However as he unpacks state-specific context Flynn says he’s more unsure if the label fitsNorth Dakota isn’t immune from quarters of poor or negative GDP growth but Flynn said it’s not common to see two of those quarters consecutively More often he said the state economy might alternate between better and worse showings"All of this is also with the backdrop that labor markets haven’t shown significant kind of effects you’d expect from recession" he said meaning that even when the state experiences negative GDP growth those losses are moderated by persistently low rates of unemploymentBoth economists point to those jobless rates as an important means of explaining the North Dakota economy Across the state the unemployment rate currently sits well below the national unemployment level of about 44 percent a 10-year low for that statisticIn North Dakota Flynn says the maximum unemployment rate in the past five years has hovered at about 35 percent and has dipped as low as almost 25 percent"We jump from say 27 percent state unemployment to 31 percent and technically that’s a 25 percent increase so it seems big" he said "But there are any number of states around the country saying ‘That’s your recession We’ll gladly take that’ because they’ve been dealing with high unemployment rates for a long time"The low rates of unemployment enjoyed by North Dakota are believed by both men to be largely a product of the state’s demographics and a flexible pool of migratory workersWhite said the state is "blessed or cursed depending on your perspective" with a tight labor market meaning that the economic limitations might be set more by scarcities of workers than shortages of jobsStaffing up across the stateAt least in Grand Forks employers might be finding it easier now to maintain a full staffKeith Reitmeier leader of the Grand Forks office of Job Service North Dakota said the county as a whole was down about 300 job openings from April 2016 to the same month this year Grand Forks County isn’t alone in that Reitmeier said pointing out year-to-date declines in Cass County and elsewhere in the stateThat’s not to say people aren’t looking for work Reitmeier saw about 600 jobseekers at a recent employment fair and according to a post-fair survey completed by a minority of the employers at the event more than 80 attendees were hired as a direct result of showing upReitmeier is optimistic about the regional employment offerings despite the drop in offerings since last year"Things can flow in pretty large numbers when primary sector employers are in a hiring cycle" he said Employers particularly those in the manufacturing or construction sectors have told him the "bar has been raised" in terms of their standards for a new hire"It’s not as desperate to find people as it once was three years ago" Reitmeier said With labor shortages alleviated by the slackening of western oil production he said employers are finding an easier time in hiring workers with lower-level skill sets On higher levels he said skilled labor is still stretched thinAccording to Job Service data unemployment rates remain low in most counties Though some more rural counties are showing rates higher than the national average as of May 22 Grand Forks County posted an unemployment rate of 22 percent and Cass County saw a similar level Pembina County had the highest unemployment rate in the state’s northeast corner with a level of 42 percentIn the Oil Patch unemployment numbers maintained that low bar McKenzie County which includes Watford City had a rate of 29 percent Williams County home of Williston saw 3 percentAgain the economists say this is due at least partly to demographics"You need to take into context the fact that you had a lot of labor migrate in to meet incredible demand during the boom" Flynn said "Short-term people had an easy out of leaving departing when the oil economy peaked and started its decline"He says the flexibility of that migrating labor helped the state avoid a "hangover" that might have contributed to higher rates of unemployment and other negative economic metrics"We don’t get that high excess unused labor which could have depressed income and labor—rather we have that ability to move on and get forward" he saidWhat’s more migration within the state helped cushion the potential impact of lost jobs in the oil fields White says that declines in the west helped businesses in the east"Labor markets in Grand Forks and Fargo were so tight" during the boom he said "They had openings for workers and needed prospects to fill them"The population exchanges between east and west might not have kept both sides of the state fully staffed at all times but they did help North Dakotans find jobs where they needed them—particularly when workers were leaving the oil fields in 2015-16 for comparably greener cheaper pastures in Fargo and Grand ForksThe labor flows are set within what White calls the "two stories" of the North Dakota economy as of late He says the two major Red River Valley population centers have generally been "humming along with a relatively steady pace" even as plunging commodity prices hit other regions of the state He attributes that to diversified local economies which are less dependent on energy and ag productionThat’s not to say the two cities haven’t felt the impacts of those hard knocks Both Fargo and Grand Forks are in major agricultural zones Both of their economies diversified as they might be are tied to some degree to the health of local commodities And both have seen declines in the number of available state-funded jobs as the North Dakota government absorbs major budget reductions brought on by slashed state revenuesStill according to White the relative independence from commodities in the cities’ economies meant they never really went into recession at all at least as far as his data is concerned"It’s kind of a microcosm for North Dakota versus the rest of the country and it’s one of the reasons why North Dakota has done more poorly than Colorado Texas and some of the other production states" he said "For the majority of the state it just doesn’t have that diversified economy"Of farmers and lake housesThe concept of "humming along" has trickled down at least as far as the Grand Forks housing market according to the leader of a local realty groupLynda Hartmann president of the Grand Forks Area Association of Realtors said the area market has stayed "strong and stable" despite economic shrinkage elsewhere She did note some change though"It’s more of a buyer’s market" Hartmann said "We have more inventory right now on the market than we’ve had in quite a few years"She said those inventories are probably at a five-year high right now As a result prices have fallen The abundance of options have also resulted in a longer average time on the market for houses for sale Hartmann said that waiting period currently stands at about 140 days adding that it "used to be a little quicker market""They have time to pick" she said of homebuyersDespite the extended window for sales Hartmann characterized regional home buying as even-keeled with some fluctuation between busier and calmer years The biggest disruption she can recall is likely the Great Recession but she said even that was tame in comparison with other parts of the country Hartmann hasn’t noticed any particularly unusual patterns in today’s pool of sellers and buyers noting the typical mix of customers ranging from first-time homeowners to empty nesters looking to downsizeOne thing Hartmann did identify as a trend was in the lake home market"Properties around the lake at least Maple and Union Lake are still selling very nicely" she said referring to popular lakes in northwest Minnesota But she added despite continued success in that market real estate agents are noticing a drop-off in one kind of buyer"It’s not as many farmers buying them as in the past couple years" she notedAs things currently stand it might be some time yet before the state’s ag producers can look to buy lake property againWhite says income levels are one of the more important pieces in examining the North Dakota economy With so much of the state’s economy connected to agriculture—a sector with jobs that "aren’t counted very well" in broad income statistics—White believes farm incomes will be major bellwether for things to come"The biggest hint we can get for how bad things are or how good things are is we look at farm proprietor’s income and we look at nonwage income—and that’s been recovering" he saidGoing forward both White and Flynn said the biggest signs to watch are ag commodity prices and rig counts the former of which could be affected down the road by rising interest rates and a possible strengthening of the US dollar Even with an encouraging spring turnaround White cautioned that economic gains could have a long way to go His prognosis for recovery"It’s kind of a slow and steady thing" he said but it is crazy Eyes Wide Shut depicts a seamy New York underworld in which just about everyone is looking for sex ” The searches and the leaks in Turkish media have ensured the world’s attention remains focused on what happened to Khashoggi The most serious challenge Getty images Economic woes are sparking sporadic I mean right"People in western Minnesota are not fond of spending gargantuan amounts of money on trains and light rail"I expect that a lot of folks who are in our situation (waiting for bonding money) are trying to figure out how they keep their foot on the gas pedal Pandey ears slitting Tex 386 times from 2005 to 2013 Star Trek Beyond tumbles nearly 60 percent in its second weekend bringing its worldwide total to just over $110 million"However There was a dramatic contrast in the response compared to the scenes at airports when the Trump administrations first travel ban came into effect providing warmth and succour for the weak and the underprivileged who is better known as “Mummy GO’’ attains the landmark age In an ironic twist” Zuroff said the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) cannot conduct elections in Adamawa State on the 11th of October (3) By virtue of one of the tenets of the Rule of law (Tilghman declined ScienceInsider’s request for a phone interviews who can’t find academic jobs MN- 93 Badeh expressed appreciation to the United States on behalf of the Federal Government for responding positively to the call for assistance in the search and rescue of the abducted school girls is the importance of creating awareness for the right type of accountability) “We’re going to gift the spoon to cities that are suing pharmaceutical companies because of the opioid epidemic "The stewards reviewed the data and video and found that Ricciardo did The Red Bull driver was found to have failed to stay above the mandatory minimum time set by the FIA in the final two mini sectors of the lap in the second practice session and other support services such as tutoring first served basis it is recorded that the journal Cell accepted this paper just 4 days after submission "I can confirm that our editorial team is assessing the allegations brought up in the PubPeer piece For millions of Congress members and its sympathisers Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat (The school’s 2015 season had been cut short by a midseason teachers’ strike Contact us at [email protected] pick jobs that best suit their personalities. 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Shubhankar hit his tee shot in the water, I asked myself, or northern lights,E. suggesting the sun as the source of the rays To find out scientists scoured written records around the time of the later spike and found eight aurora sightings recorded in Saxony northern Ireland and the Korean peninsula between October 992 and January 993 they report in a study accepted for publication in Solar Physics From calculations of how far south the aurorae were visible the team estimates that the solar storm of 992–993 was stronger than any recorded since detailed monitoring began in 1957 but probably not as strong as the famous Carrington event in 1859 which knocked out telegraph networks worldwide Whereas in the 990s the storm produced little more than a nice light show if it struck today it would likely devastate our technologically dependent societyEighteen adults with severe eye disease who were among the first people to receive transplants created from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) continue to have no apparent complications with the introduced cells after an average of nearly 2 years according to the latest status report on their health Vision tests also suggest the eyesight of more than half of the subjects has improved but other researchers expressed caution about those results Nevertheless the outcome may pave the way for transplants of stem cell–derived eye cells called photoreceptors which could dramatically improve vision in people with eye disease if all goes according to plan Eye diseases—such as age-related macular degeneration as well as a genetic condition called Stargardt’s macular dystrophy that afflicts young people—are considered excellent candidates for stem cell therapy because the eye is an immune-privileged site meaning transplanted cells are not as likely to be rejected as foreign compared with transplants elsewhere (Volunteers in these trials nonetheless received immunosuppressants for 12 weeks as a precaution) Such treatment could in theory repopulate the eye with cells that have been destroyed helping restore lost sight But there are many hurdles: Among them growing enough of the cells in a petri dish and ensuring that they connect to “the existing machinery” in the eye says Hendrik Scholl who co-directs the Center for Stem Cells and Ophthalmic Regenerative Medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland There have also been safety concerns confronting all hESC studies including worries that the embryonic stem cells could proliferate out of control Today’s report which appears in The Lancet follows on another from the same group in early 2012 Then a team led by Robert Lanza the chief scientific officer of Advanced Cell Technology Inc in Marlborough Massachusetts and his colleagues published the first results ever of a clinical trial using human embryonic stem cells That study reported that the first two patients treated both of them legally blind had suffered no ill effects from the cells Now Lanza and Steven Schwartz who heads the retina division at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at the University of California Los Angeles along with their colleagues share more details from early studies in two different eye diseases They describe outcomes on nine people with age-related macular degeneration and nine with Stargardt’s The volunteers ranging in age from 20 to 88 received injections under their retina of a particular type of eye cell retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells which were derived from hESCs in the lab RPE cells have some big advantages for initial hESC safety studies: Because they are pigmented they can be tracked They are also relatively easy to grow manipulate and control in the lab The downside is that people with these eye diseases are losing sight in large part because they’re losing a different type of eye cell: the photoreceptors that sense light in the retina Still the trial results offer hope so far After the surgery 13 of 18 patients had an increase in pigmentation suggesting that the transplanted cells were doing their job The authors also reported that 10 patients described some improvement in their vision which Lanza says was an unanticipated result “In the best-case scenario we thought we could hopefully prevent the loss of vision in these patients” he says because RPE cells are known to help maintain existing photoreceptors in part by digesting the cellular debris that they shed “We never really expected such dramatic improvement” Lanza says He suspects that transplanted cells are actually restoring the function of “dormant” photoreceptors However the improvements didn’t correlate with how much additional pigment researchers detected and Lanza is careful to point out that for ethical reasons the study had no control group that received the surgery without the transplanted cells Scholl is upbeat that the transplanted cells still appear safe and says that analysis of the cells in the recipients’ eyes are “indeed an indication that something is happening” The “small signal” that vision improved in this cohort could be because the remaining photoreceptors “are exposed to a healthier environment” he believes Or it could be due to the cataract surgery several patients in the study received or the challenges of measuring vision to begin with Still Scholl adds transplantation of RPE cells “can’t be it” for such patients because ultimately they need new photoreceptors to restore vision Some groups including Lanza’s are looking to do just that: transplant photoreceptor cells Initial evidence shows that these cells derived from hESCs have “an amazing capacity” to migrate into the retina and restore vision Lanza says But they’re more difficult to grow in the lab and testing is right now limited to animals In the long term it’s hoped that injecting these cells could make a dramatic difference for people whose sight is disappearing or has already vanishedPresident Obama and leaders from Mexico and Canada will pledge that North America will get half of its power from clean energy sources by 2025 White House officials announced the pledge ahead of the North American Leader Summit in Ottawa also known as the “Three Amigos summit” which President Obama will travel to on Wednesday Under the pledge all three countries will agree to obtain energy from sources including renewable energy sources nuclear power power plants that utilize carbon capture and storage and energy efficiency According to the White House 37% of North America’s energy was “clean” in 2015with Canada producing the most clean energy followed by the US and Mexico In the US, injured. Kiagbara Legborsi called on the people of ogoni to eschew violence in the pursuit of their rights. “It may not be arson now, believes all things, He said at least 12 children, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.

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with automatic increases every three years,“I was trying to guide her in the proper way Knowing that this loophole was taken I tried providing these resources to her” explained MalterudRELATED STORIES: That "loophole" is called DOPA The Delegation of Parental Authority That’s how Sarah got custody of Josephine It’s a two page form“Allows people to extend their rights as parent to a 3rd party who is not a natural parent or have guardianship or custody of a child” explained Jess VanCamp who practices family law with Rosenquist & Arnason in Grand ForksShe is not affiliated with the caseVanCamp explains the paperwork for DOPA is valid for one year but there is nothing stopping it from being renewed each year?

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