The chain of Nirvana and the analysis of the effect of the soft skills

high quality outside the chain of some of the people said that from a web page single link is high quality links, some said that the PR chain is the high quality links, is not a. I have nothing to look at aspects of the quality of the chain, of course including several test station, not elaborate, finally draw a conclusion that the high quality of the chain must possess two characteristics, that is stability and long. Which is the most important for a long time, meet the two characteristics, it can be said that he is a high quality link, Links for the website ranking effect is very significant, but this connection is like love, on a good will for a long time, get easily lost, once the withdrawal of link damage or very large the connection can be used as a special link, not the first link category of high quality. Know the characteristics of the high quality of the chain, we will talk about comparison of soft outside the chain of the chain more than the other.

Since the soft

have such good effect, how to write an article to help, good quality soft Wen, in fact, a good soft Wen also has two characteristics, one is the title, one is content, good title is a magic weapon to attract click, the contents of this article chapter recognition, so don’t write pseudo original others, you do an industry, for example, have their own point of view, their own ideas, can write out their own ideas and opinions, and you think write things to help others, or write your experience. You must have write, write out.

is soft, no one knows, use a soft, no ground for blame his explosive, spreading way staggering, a good soft Wen can make a person famous, can make a product selling immediately. Today we say soft Wen for contribution and the role of the chain, before analyzing soft to bring chain effect, to analyze what kind of the chain is good outside chain, the chain of high quality.

we often send the chain, the general mainstream is three methods, respectively, BBS signature, blog posts, write soft article submission three. Talk about the forum forum signature signature, in terms of stability is very unstable, if in a forum which is always affixed to the top post, the bad day you always see the moderator irrigation, give you closed the account, then all the chain is finished. Long term, forum signature no advantage, some included a few days to be love Shanghai deleted, timeliness is very short. The blog article chain, to raise their own blogs, articles and above with the anchor text chain, stability and long are also good, but contains a relatively slow efficiency is not very high. Again. Soft outside the chain if well written, to help, in the soft top with anchor text or text links to some famous Adsense website submission, there will be a lot of stationmaster are reproduced, some people may reject your links, but there are still some people, there is awareness of copyright, willing to add link. Once don’t reprint, will be the long-term stability of the link, such as the chain spontaneously reproduced, the other is the chain can not be replaced, can not go beyond.

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