Montana share how to promote the marketing activities of Shanghai Longfeng effect



Shanghai is not a dragon can solve the problem of post




1, use the search engine "familiar with" the structure of the content of


a lot of activities in order to quickly launch, will directly by designer PSD HTML, and then directly into the manuscript, use the label set of links in the picture, rendering the entire special web search engine is a picture, completely unable to identify its contents. There are similar problems created using Javascript technology ", especially the use of some front-end framework development", will cause the search engine can not identify the content. The following is a typical example:

URL remained stable

during the European Cup, you have not made a new topic, there is no special search engine with access to traffic? How are you? This is something to worry about? Never mind, the president invited IT founder, Shanghai dragon lake person night night rate greatly, talk about the topic of marketing activities in Shanghai Longfeng what to do for everyone in the form of illustrations.

recently hit the European Cup, various websites have launched a special European Cup marketing, these special carries a variety of flow channels landing. These topics because of the pursuit of timeliness and conversion rate, tend to ignore a lot of Shanghai Longfeng details, which leads to the acquisition of Shanghai Longfeng flow, in this paper some common topics often encountered in marketing activities in Shanghai Longfeng specific analysis, so as to improve these activities on the topic of the page of Shanghai Longfeng flow.

for periodic activities, topics, many web site operators are accustomed to each cycle of a new version of the page, for example, by the end of year share figures this is the latest version:


in the page, the words appear in the title of the "summer cruise", only in the title and description appeared several times in the text did not appear, so it is difficult to give its search engine ranking.

and only increase the product marketing team of Shanghai dragon consciousness, ensure that the on-line web pages are in line with the requirements of Shanghai dragon, improve search engine friendliness, in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness of special Shanghai dragon.

page uses the hand drawing as a background, all the text on the picture, the ALT property and no increase for these pictures, cause search engines completely unable to identify the content.


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