Let love fly flow about joining Shanghai news source function and method

2, the page number. Add love to Shanghai news source, the website weight will significantly improve the hair the most loved Shanghai news second, previous published articles will be re indexed to love Shanghai. I found a website is love Shanghai news source, "the total amount collected within a short period of time is doubled.

3, keywords ranking rose

. Here the keyword ranking rose in two aspects, one is the Internet users in the use of love Shanghai web search, in the keyword search results page generally occur with words related to sources of news website news, two news websites in the source to create long tail keywords hair there is a big advantage, everyone in the search of long tail keywords when often find some news

From the discovery of

recently love Shanghai news search has greatly changed, which is not only reflected in the search results display style, but also in the search results show the number of. Love Shanghai, 24 evening news recently responded that love Shanghai is a large-scale promotion and algorithm revision, may for some users inconvenience.

joined the love Shanghai news source what are the benefits of

changes, the time has been in the past week, I found yesterday in the use of love Shanghai news search, news sites included a number of substantial growth, such as the previous submission A5 article, just love Shanghai "included, but now have all been included love Shanghai news. Included in these articles, on the one hand will let the webmaster contribute benefit, on the other hand to the site itself. How to make the website news in Shanghai love news, here will be exposed to a word – love Shanghai news source.


what is love Shanghai news source

love Shanghai news source, explaining the source of love Shanghai news from literally. Love Shanghai encyclopedia "news source" entry reads "news source line refers to love Shanghai, Google and other search engine news station standard seed station information the first time by search engines and priority included, by the network reproduced in the media become the media news source network."

we usually visit the site there are a lot of news source web site, such as Tencent, Sina, NetEase, ifeng贵族宝贝 portal site such as, at the same time we webmaster often logged webmaster site of the industry: such as Admin5, Chinaz, Donews, speed transit network are also sources of news website, the site released most of the manuscript love will be included Shanghai news.

1, the article is reproduced high up. Often in the BBS webmaster complain, obviously their site of the original article, by other sources of news website reprint, the original signature, turned out to be a search engine that is copy of the article, melancholy. Once joined the love Shanghai news source, no fear of article is plagiarism, basically the issue, which is love Shanghai news included, and many more sites competing to reprint articles, improve the website article reprint rate.

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