How to do the analysis and selection of the site keywords

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is a website of the current keywords, but also to find ways to analyze the long tail keywords through the target keywords, such as the target keyword selection alias, selection of interrogative sentences and so on are optimized, such as Beida tuition money, Beijing prize.the campus where home is good? Prize.the employment? Such a long tail keywords although the search volume is not however, it can optimize a good ranking, and through these long tail keywords over the user conversion rate is quite high, so it is very important to the long tail keywords selection and analysis is a construction site in the



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core keywords that we often say, the content of our home page title keywords description inside the target keywords I usually like, because these words we may when writing description users will love the search words, sometimes although also express the content of the website, but not to love by the user and then we select keywords customers use the word love, it has the value of marketing, also is the core keywords we choose! Of course in the choice of the core keywords, but also on the overview of the industry, and the industry keywords were collected, and then the competitive keywords are analyzed, and then set the target keywords development planning and the traffic is expected, finally able to select and determine the target key The word

three rival

your final analysis and the selected keywords certainly not your company is doing, if you choose to regret is that a super popular keywords, such words do the first search engine is not what, so most of the keywords are competitors, then analyzing competitors’ keywords it is very necessary, look at how they are keyword optimization, they do what the word, through some command to find their trace of optimization, we can select from, find ways to optimize your


two: the long tail keywords


keyword is the core idea of the website, the content is around the keywords to construction, for a web site, the central idea is the website keywords, keywords to guide the construction of the content, keyword optimization in general should pay attention to several aspects, such as keyword relevancy, keyword density control and so on, these are all often pay attention to the words of the site, how to analysis, this is mainly to see what your site is located, in the face of what kind of people, whether to choose some popular keywords to do? Here and communicate with you about how to analyze


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