How to effectively deal with the new sites through the search engine

be not at all surprising!The chain > five, looking for high quality

to solve this problem is solved, associated with increased theme of the site of the original article, for example: you are a cake shop, that only sell cake, do not sell stationery. The search engine is not a fool, remember.


, one of the reasons is still in the newly established website of love Shanghai, and even individual old site will be a similar situation


address: for the old, this is already the It is quite common for, remember the article published in time to bring your own the chain, there are a large number of websites reproduced your original articles, is very important for the transfer of website weight. The search engine also improved, at least for now, they are also capable of judging, what time out, just a matter of time. Be sure to bring your site links, otherwise, it would be someone else’s original, small loss.

the four reasons, the content of the website copy on the Internet, the low quality, poor readability of

address: Shanghai dragon is a required course for every webmaster every day, in writing before the first search, there is no similar article, if there is, then consider replacing a theme, or to a different title. Shanghai Longfeng articles try to use some of the technical terms, so that the reader will feel professional, content is related to the theme, high quality, practical. Not only by the title to attract traffic, this article has no meaning. If your website content, original, no update, it also ranked no

, because of the three articles have been reproduced many times, but your site has not been included, which makes many owners worry about falling in love with the sea thought the article is not original.

many owners have encountered such a problem, the day of release paper love Shanghai soon will be included, but in a couple of hours to see and to delete. Probably even after more than 10 days and was released a few days. This phenomenon will be repeated, people are puzzled. I stop in just established also appear such problems remain perplexed despite much thought the situation carefully asked some of the Internet’s predecessors, summed up the reasons included the love of Shanghai and soon after to delete and some solutions, hoping for new Adsense solution a sharp.

address: if it’s new, this period is in love in Shanghai period, the time ranging from half a month to three months, as long as the original update every day, every day to increase some high quality of the chain. Like the webmaster site, love Shanghai spider come more often, if the contributors of articles published, about half a month the site it will be to put out, also have a good ranking. If is old station, it should carefully check is not a black chain, there is no Shanghai dragon over

the two reasons, the content and theme of the site is not associated with


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