Optimization and optimization of Shanghai noble baby love what are the essential differences between

do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends often have a question: why do I love Shanghai website ranking is very good, but Google has disappeared? Why my website Google ranking is very good, but the love of Shanghai has disappeared? I’m doing this for more than a year in Shanghai dragon inside, have been in practice and find the answer to this question, today I analyze this problem from the following five aspects according to their actual combat experience.

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noble baby does not consider the basic link of the depth of the problem, he thought is accord with the retrieval, so many low level directory page is very easy to get good rankings. That is to say if your homepage and your website a level directory of TITLE which are the key words, relative to the keywords, ranking your site a directory may be better than your home, careful Adsense may find this phenomenon. Love and treat Shanghai link depth a certain rating system, the highest home page weight, the inside pages will drop one level.

three, the chain weight

noble baby than love Shanghai because there is a slow, we call the sandbox effect for new noble baby, the optimization of the railway station, and then, within six months may not have a good ranking! But the sandbox can be avoided, which requires personnel to take Shanghai dragon plan and set up for! The noble baby ranked itself than love Shanghai! The optimization cannot be too much at once, step by step, can not act with undue haste. When will you love Shanghai may be included after the very front rank, but not so noble baby, of course, the search engine rankings also has its own factors of uncertainty requires the owners themselves are summarized in Shanghai Longfeng practice.

ranking optimization rules

first thing to say is included in the time, from the new sites included time, noble baby is faster than love Shanghai, if you are a new word, as long as one or two bit quality chain, noble baby began to included your site, and love Shanghai not immediately included in the new station, even for a long time in the new sites are not included, only through love Shanghai test period, Shanghai will love this site collected content, the need for a long period of time, this may make the webmaster feel anxious. Thus, love Shanghai for the new station should be higher than the noble baby.

four, the chain rules

, a collection of time

is of great importance to the relevance of the link, also is the webmaster need to locate their website to go to building your site outside the chain of relatively strong correlation. Love Shanghai not only pays attention to the correlation, but also consider the connection of the extensive degree, that is to say in the same number of chain case, the source of the chain website more keywords ranking effect is relatively better. So new sites need to put a lot of high quality the chain to increase the weight of the website. However, if your site is high quality website, love Shanghai and noble baby will love.

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