Love the sea k who the reflection of Shanghai dragon industry need Jingxiaxinlai

believe that many Shanghai dragon industry friends love Shanghai large-scale K station, especially large-scale rectification medical site impressed, because in that period can be said to be a medical site in the darkest days of numerous medical station was K to death, the medical station industry is seriously bleeding drift scull, too horrible to look at. In fact, until now, to love Shanghai medical station attitude is not so friendly, but at least to know, now love Shanghai for medical related website site audit and review all the old station is very strict, at least compared with other industries, more strict. For different industry site, different types of websites, love Shanghai gradually began to distinguish treat, for some related to the livelihood of the industry, love the attitude of Shanghai can be said to be hard again strike, although Shanghai is now the main love just K off most of false medical sites and some illegal sites, but who to ensure a crackdown by industry is not

What do you think of how

sea medical site this thing, but people think so, first of all, but said the attitude is supported. Why? Because we are the medical site boast too much, just think, if you as a patient, want to search the web on their condition and to treat their disease hospital, then found love Shanghai natural search the hospital ranked first, it is a powerful, said than singing also nice what else, hospitals need to take decades, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars are not necessarily able to eradicate the root cause of the disease, they have ten minutes to a few thousand dollars to cure the patient, and without any side effects. Wow, how the happy ah, hurry, the name of the newspaper, I want to go to a doctor, hurry to go. According to the website address immediately to run in the past, but a look at the past, how the fuck is a small clinic? I won’t be wrong? Zhaolaizhaoqu, found near this one "hospital", is this is the legendary reality not a not a real person? Maybe is faint in the the city now, get a look, well, a "SAGE-like type" of the elderly, a conversation, hey yo hey, really old God, open the medicine, thousands of dollars, for the disease, is money. Out of the "hospital", but almost didn’t jump for joy, this really is met fairy, hurry home, take the medicine, but the troubled years of disease, can be good. Taking the medicine, I feel refreshed, cool… Like stomach called, short oil, medicine seems to play a role, a toilet, a relaxed, but it seems the disease is completely good. Short oil, out of the two step, not ah, stomach is how quickly the Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., back… Such a cycle, but it is a matter of top-heavy have dizzy spells. You know, to his sister’s Old God, this is a fish fuck ah, I love the sea pit! Well, is in love with the Sea joint liability, devastated.


we encounter? Don’t laugh, the consequences of diarrhea, it is light, and the general >

?In fact, for the love of K

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