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in the media product investment, propaganda Jolimark distribution, content production, commercial derivative four strategy, product investment and publicity issue is the focus of the current force kongyue. According to Gao Rui, the whole team a total of more than 50 people, and the staff accounted for more than half.

Facing the road he chose,

a year for three rounds of financing, and is the key force

video platform system has developed into an infrastructure like water and electricity, and the content products become more and more important. Gao Rui saw an opportunity, in September 2015, he and several friends co founded a film company Kongyue media.

respected union members,

part of the membership registration due to fill in the questionnaire when the user name does not exist in the league, not this part of the membership reward points, please send mail to [email protected], enter the name and e-mail address and inform the questionnaire, as well as the union name. The staff will receive bonus points as soon as they receive it.

has successfully bonus points are listed as follows:

graduated from Wuhan University in 2005, to the high sharp defected MySee, was recommended to the next company — Sohu video, which opened in the video site for ten years, has worked in the Sohu video, Youku video, cool 6, Iqiyi four well-known domestic video website, is the witness of network video the industry started to prosperity and development.

is different from the cinema and television, movie Xuanfa import network pays more attention to the location and traffic.

2015, in the face of huge royalties, Iqiyi paid video and other video sites open strategy, from the to B to to C, with a number of their membership fee, in addition to advertising, membership fee has gradually become an important source of income for the video site.

executives from Sohu, Youku, Iqiyi, light platform background, know more of what video platform needs; in the operation level, relatively effective and professional, at present each month and more than 6 media will Kongyue project.

the media focus on the network movie, set up more than a year, in the winter capital, angel round, A round, A+ round one.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

first dig into the propaganda spots. For example, the media as a "stop! Don’t run!" the exclusive Xuanfa, early on "diamond and dog" at this point, the promotion of multi angle image. Micro-blog also launched a topic can pull diamond dog , won a lot of attention to the Internet interaction, reading reached 18 million, once entered the hot topic list.

"publicity issue this thing general production companies do not, because the whole process of it including media selection, copy the entire product design, packaging, selection and other aspects. So it must build a special system of mature, to have their own set of logic in the." Gao Rui said, the media will not only issue Jolimark Internet Movie, movie theaters will be issued. As of now, the media in Jolimark network movie a total of more than 70.

for these ten years, Gao Rui used 7 words to sum up: ten years sleep movie dream.


said, "I don’t want to climb a mountain, but I find another mountain is my dream."."

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