How to use the Shanghai dragon type B2B Small and micro businesses tens of millions do

after optimization, the key words on the website of the row to the first page of the love of Shanghai. As long as the keywords on your site row to the first page of Shanghai love, every day will naturally have the intention of customers to find you, take the initiative to your inquiry and order.


so, how the Shanghai dragon, a year to tens of millions of

Shanghai dragon

B2B, is the abbreviation of Business-to-Business, refers to the enterprise to the enterprise marketing relationship between. Generally speaking, is the enterprise to sell products to other companies.

first, the opening of a marketing type enterprise website, the website of Shanghai dragon optimization.

China many type B2B, still stick to the traditional way of marketing, lack of customer source, and the labor costs, raw material costs continue to rise, profits decline, which have troubled. Me a lot of B2B type Small and micro businesses, in 2014 went bankrupt; temporarily did not collapse, is struggling.

result is: every day there will be a lot of customers to find your order, and your competitors will squeeze

imagine: customers in Shanghai love the first three pages, regardless of how to search for any keyword to your industry, the company, can quickly find your product information, will achieve what kind of results?

90% China of Small and micro businesses official website, are showing the type of ordinary site, without Shanghai Longfeng optimization, without design, marketing system, the lack of automatic marketing function.

Small and micro businesses ?

I in Shanghai Longfeng study from August 2008, training and practice, these 7 years, the Shanghai dragon help Small and micro businesses of many B2B type rapid rise. A lot of students from Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurs start empty-handed, one year to tens of millions. I found Small and micro businesses B2B, very suitable for use in Shanghai to promote the dragon.


I researched a lot of type B2B Small and micro businesses boss, found a common characteristic: they basically do not do marketing on the Internet; even if do, is also called employees hard advertising, or do not have sex in Shanghai auction, once found what effect, stop, back to the the traditional way of promotion in their.

only the enterprise official website optimization Shanghai Longfeng is not enough. If you want to have the intention of customers, so it is necessary to design a large-scale, thousands, even tens of thousands of keywords, the keywords occupy the first three pages in the sea.


know that network marketing is one of the best ways to make a business out of trouble, but should not use, and not willing to learn, this is the most China status of B2B type Small and micro businesses boss.


design, secondly, thousands of tens of thousands of keywords, the keywords overwhelming love Shanghai before three full page.

The so-called

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