More than two years experience of how see Shanghai dragon Shanghai Dragon ndustry

for some of the views of Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon industry, I share the following aspects, of course, is a personal view does not have the reference value, welcome webmaster friends. And share

and another specifically customized tank customers is the opposite, with the regional key words words, so save a lot of cost optimization for customers, in addition to the keyword ranking time is relatively short, more important is, after the keywords ranking up I asked him if he had no effect in the end there is no customer looking for your custom tank he said, "yes, I have received several single".

rare today, interest and time to calm down and share their views, as if for a long time have not seriously to summarize. Share some experience before the hair mostly belongs to himself in the optimization of Shanghai Dragon technology, is nothing more than a site keywords location layout, content construction, station external link building skills and so on, but never webmaster Shanghai dragon industry or the Internet to look at the height of the Shanghai dragon. Over the past two years there have been successes and failures, few successful cases did know, experience is not much, but always in learning.

, a Shanghai dragon should not only consider the keyword row where

1, pay attention to the problem of regional key. Why mention this? A I take my customer service. The customer is doing recycling business, for when we do website optimization is given 10 words or so, call me a sex screening 6-7 Shanghai home page ranking, but a closer look found keywords customer to his business although with strong correlation but relatively speaking is not very targeted. The customer is recycling business (mainly electronic recycling, recycling, recovery of silver), is a need to meet communication services, so it has very strong regional. Website optimization promotion in service industry, we will take the word in front area. Therefore, I suggest that this to the customer and the optimization of the cost is lower, the transformation effect of flow is much better, but the customer did not listen, think to do the business is to have the strength of daxian. Then no way we will in accordance with the requirements of customers to do, wait until after the keyword ranking up, asked his results, he said. "Although a lot of traffic but all local customers ask, and a lot of foreign telephone calls to ask what the price, but they can not do business, too far, if past recycling their resources, the cost will come up." He said the US had expected

therefore, practice has proved that, for those products very strong regional services, strong enterprise, considering the time Shanghai dragon site promotion Keywords do not need to do a national, should do some accurate positioning, within their service capabilities range of flow, or even if there is no sense of what flow. If you don’t you will find that when you spend a lot of cost and time to do after the results are worth it!". So, when we do should be on whether Shanghai Longfeng area >

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