Love in fact Shanghai has been paying close attention to your website

I have a website – Taoge registration code software station, in one day, I changed the address space, in order to change the virtual host, independent IP, but due to the original big data website (more than 400 MB), and the school’s speed is relatively slow, so, on my first day to download the official website of the dedecms. After the latest version 5.7 download and install, and before the original database restore, but simply modify the site title, the domain name of the website, the results on the second night, I love Shanghai Taoge registered domain name search code, the snapshot time changed. A setup time snapshot day yesterday. And I see the web page, the page is not found in the snapshot of any of the contents of the newly installed system page. I think: love before Shanghai has been for a long time have not updated snapshot website (in fact, I have a long time not to update the article.). I love Shanghai for this website to adjust how are so sensitive? In fact, love Chi think: love has been concerned about the Shanghai Taoge registration code of the site, the long-term not update the snapshot, and not love Shanghai not to grab you, but your website is not updated. As long as you update your site, will love Shanghai in second days, or in the future will update your website, just a matter of time. Sometimes we view a snapshot of our time, find love Shanghai snapshot of that time is our last update date of this article, this is also a design example of love in Shanghai every day to crawl sites to witness, or love.


there are many novice webmaster, or include a lot of the old owners, but also includes small love, a long period of time, that the love of Shanghai on the site of just beginning to pay attention to and often grab your web page, after a period of time will not come or rarely come to visit the web site. In fact, love Chi think: love in Shanghai every day to visit your site, every time you come back to patronize the website, you just don’t know it.

love Shanghai tend to be very good for a new site for ranking, but after a period of time, or the next time the love of Shanghai after the update, we search our website name, at this time in Shanghai and even the love behind the second page, page third,… Always see your website. This is because, when the love of Shanghai on the first day to visit your website, found a new website, will encourage novice webmaster, in order to encourage novice webmaster, will give a good website ranking. Moreover, after the day, Shanghai will love every day to visit your website, and you will save the snapshot of the site every day. But, when you are in love is the website name Shanghai search your site name or snapshot time is still seen today even before long before the time. But this does not mean that love in Shanghai did not update your website, just love Shanghai in the analysis of your data, analyze your website data is valuable for users, whether it is worth your time to change the snapshot.

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