Case study how to use the nofollow tag to grasp a degree

2, poly fashion (currently second-hand table net weight, before the first PR5) included 46800 love Shanghai 5 223 of the total weight of the home within the chain using the nofollow link number 95 using the rate of 223/223*100%=42% (nofollow label high usage rate)

, 1 square meter net (currently the highest weight watch mall network) included 46800 PR5 weight 6 Shanghai love home within the chain 405 of the total number of links using nofollow 30 using the rate of 30/405*100%=6% (nofollow tag to use reasonable)

er from the nofollow tag into the Shanghai dragon’s vision has been nearly a year. In this year, Shanghai dragon Er on the nofolow label attitude never trust to accept, and then to gradually pay attention to the label, through a long period of time for reflection. The significance of using nofollow tags tell the search engines do not track with this tag links, not to transfer weight to the link to grab, to prevent the loss of weight. Today many webmasters have realized nofollow tag in an important role in preventing weight loss, but also caused many owners for excessive dependence and abuse of nofollow tags. See the station is not the key link directly to your nofollow tags, just as many webmaster see PR high site to find yourself for Links, regardless of the other side of the Shanghai love about weight, a new snapshot is not new, regardless of the consequence directly to the exchange, but do not know which has over optimized labels scruples. Nofollow is a very important label, but also because of its importance, it is more reasonable to use it to optimize the grasp of a "degree", in order to achieve their purpose to optimize. The following is the Shanghai dragon’s most successful industry network optimization case analysis, look at these high weight website if the nofollow tag to grasp a "degree".


3, OL jewelry network (currently the highest weight jewelry network) included 55600 PR5 weight 7 Shanghai love home within the chain 240 of the total number of links using nofollow 35 usage 35/240*100%=14% (nofo>



(Note: below is used by the nofollow tag poly fashion watch the fashion watch code can be seen, poly nofollow tags are widely used in the article, there are suspected of excessive optimization. In this period of time, the weight of poly fashion declined, I think more or less the same station label over optimized relationship)

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