Shanghai Longfeng optimization web design is very important

generally, a keyword density of the page is kept between 2%-8%, if the density is too low will lead to no good ranking, but the high density so it is likely to lead to search engine drop right, the opposite.

in the XHTML site design standard, no longer use form positioning technology, positioning it to achieve a variety of content by DIV+CSS method. DIV is a common element in the HTML language, and DIV+CSS is a method of web page layout, the layout of different from the traditional method of Table layout, to achieve the content and code of the separation effect. Using DIV+CSS to design the website is in line with W3C standards, can be more convenient to the search engine’s index.

usually search engine weight on standardized production of web pages for more, and the use of DIV+CSS architecture has many advantages, such as convenient revision, do not need to change the page content, web page open speed will significantly accelerate.

search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is the webmaster circle the most popular topic, for a web site, not only the external and internal connection link is very important, if the web page design with Shanghai Longfeng standard, also can play to improve the ranking effect.


when can you use ALT tags to label instructions. Is the picture with alt= description text, such as a mouse at this blog each Bowen illustrations of the above text is to realize the reality effect.

keyword in the web page for page ranking in search engines is very important, but in the design of the web page, can not have a large number of repeat keywords. In the search engine page ranking algorithm, a very important factor is the keyword density, a word in the distribution of web pages.

many websites will ignore the page in the META label, although it is the HTML language Head region of an auxiliary label, but perfect these labels will make the page more popular in the search engine. For search engines, generally need to add keyword tags (keywords), Description (page description), robots (search engine crawler), META tags written as follows:

Follow the standard

small knowledge:

In addition to the head of the META Although the

, using DIV design ".

density refers to the percentage with the page code content after removal of HTML.

perfect tags, keywords to describe not less.

"label, some labels in the web page also requires a description of the contents of some web sites such as the night, in order to make the page more beautiful, the navigation is also the picture format, so that the search engine will not read"".

reasonable design, avoid keyword stuffing.

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