Analysis of what kind of the chain is the high quality the chain

sites included speed can reflect the status of the site in the search engine in a dumpster, absolutely can’t be included fast, new snapshot, weight high. For example, in a forum posting, if you send out your post, after a minute, in the search engine to check the post by, then you take in the post links or anchor text signature in it can be regarded as the chain, of course, the chain general on the forum do the general quality are not high. If other >

Three, The calculation method of

site outside the chain can be divided according to the principle of the cake, the more people get less cake. Similarly, if the export link of a website is relatively small, and the weight of the site is also high, so the chain in such a place to do relatively quality. Because if you do a lot of the chain in the place, so the weight derived most into your website. So, this chain is not the quality of what is? Because of its export links is relatively small, so that the weight of the site has not been dispersed to other sites, are concentrated in the website, so if you do the chain in this place, it can be said that most of them into their own website. This chain is regarded as the quality of the chain, such as the Wikipedia website, this website is the owners believe that the highest quality, because he basically not what are the links.

now more and more Adsense don’t pursue PR, just as the PR is only a reference factor is not essential, if there is no better, no what. Instead of the weight of the chain is the webmaster to pursue something. Because the domestic mainly rely on the love of Shanghai, is the basic site optimization chain of things are to fall in love with the sea ranking better. So, the general weight high website explains a reason, is this web site in the search led Zhi’s impression did very well, I believe you have not seen the weight of a poor site will be higher. Through the chain in the weight high website forum can effectively divert its weight, the search engine has a good impression on your own website. General in the chain weight high site, so the chain can be regarded as a quality assurance. Even for Links, Adsense is through the website of the other side to consider weight, because the level of weight can directly reflect the web site is a what kind of image in the search engine in the eyes.

two, outbound links less


outside the chain of high quality is one of the goals of all owners to pursue, because it can effectively improve the site’s ranking included site factors and so on. The high quality of the chain are scarce goods, many webmaster do the chain is common, with many general quality of the chain website rankings are not generally good. So what kind of chain is regarded as high quality? What are the reference standard

, a high weight

included fast

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