Shanghai Longfeng confused expectations Shanghai Longfeng road longer er

article reports including love Shanghai clarification, ran out of the site was K things, meal time fire a lot of articles. And at the bottom and close to despair in the Shanghai dragon er who like to see is to seize the life-saving straw, convinced, in detail did find no copy after the improvement, a moment on the verge of collapse, some sleepless nights, some mad, some people come than yellow flowers.

this is the same root, fratricidal!

from unemployment, spit spit, Shanghai dragon Er [100] who have invested in the fight against malicious click, for promotion to the extreme, xiehen. However, more than 80% of the site did not reduce the cost of investment promotion, click all by each site to pay, love Shanghai earned pours, also introduced policies to encourage investment such as consumer auction website, how much to send over like.

do Google search Shanghai dragon ER in Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er love laugh, say: Hey, you desperately hard links, the hair of the chain, is not easy to do in the station, the keywords go up, the site was K, but did not advance to a letter. Check the left right check did not find what Sorry Sorry people love Shanghai local sites, bursts of complaints, Shanghai love is not bird you. Can do now is to wait, wait. One day I hope more and more slim feeling… A 360 search, that has to save his Savior, or 360 results not included your station, or no ranking, plus the flow has been to love Shanghai, there are 360 rankings are basically not much change.


one day, site restoration, no ranking. Think you can flex its muscles, play Shanghai Dragon Charm, so as to exhaust all the skills such as Taishan, the ranking is still sitting in the mountains, stand firm. The initial enthusiasm has been hurt, but think about the update and then dry, done in one vigorous effort, and the chain chain, found his passion in constant retreat. And questioned: [me] + will only update the chain? Shanghai Dragon Technology where.. Join a group of Shanghai dragon master can help meet expectations, half of the people met than their own food, but in the end how crazy: Shanghai dragon master industry? Where are they? I should What should I do?

so toss a few down, all the physical and psychological harm. After much deliberation, so many days, what hard work in exchange for a worried. Learn something? No, because I didn’t see the application result; site restoration? Don’t mention it, his own business website or drop by 11 distressed mountains; in fact the author this article is aimed at the plight of the Shanghai dragon er with each other to share experiences, day had to live. Love Shanghai did not destroy, we will fall before him! In order to protect our dignity, should firm up. I see countless articles, saying the most profound impression: calmly. Not pleased, not the state high point, appropriate to relax.

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