Shanghai dragon competition your opponent completely unmasked every act and every move

I engage in Shanghai Longfeng not long after, I found the competition website from time to time will directly copy and paste the author wrote "KTV" on the "(贵族宝贝lakuo.taoktv贵族宝贝) to some of the forums, those articles are only changed the company name and connection of plagiarism in it, so I am very angry in a flagrant way, then! Slowly understand, originally this has several benefits, because the weight of the company’s website forum than high weight, so it can take the tampered articles at the forum is the second, the author published on their website on the contrary is difficult to be included, while one can enhance the external the number of chain rivals, to combat the company to be included in the article number. For such insidious behavior, I felt both angry and excited. Anger is because the other company to so in a flagrant way plagiarism is inevitable, if the upper beam is not straight to the chain, after all personnel will have higher daily monitoring post is kept, since the superior can tolerate such behavior, still have to do so, then the company’s mind is visible not to seek customers undivided attention! And exciting is that the Internet can put the company’s show to be exhaustive, but also can put the opponent in the doings exposed to the opponent did not bother crystal clear, in the right way, so to beat the opponent,

(Fast Moving Consumer FMCG before Goods) when, want to know their competitors at what is being done, specially sent a person to observe the changes of needs, not only every day to monitor each big market price, but also try to figure out the opponent promotions in prime time, and do all kinds of preparations, including inventory, venues, promotional props and so on are prepared, so that we can be sure to fight the battle. But since entering the Shanghai dragon competition field, but found that there is a benefit, is that you can put your opponent completely unmasked every act and every move.

only your opponent, you can promote the growth of. So many companies are to their competitors as an example, closely tracking the changes in the other day, to observe and learn more knowledge from it. If a good competitor, so you can even sit down together to discuss how slowly the market cake bigger, but encountered some bad competitors, maybe they thought, is how to kill you, even some very hate way to deal with you, not so good monitor each other, it is easy to be swoop.

is only a matter of time!

due to rival the doings, let the author interested in this company, in the continuous research, found that the company although the page to be made very much, up to about one hundred thousand pages, but from the fall in love with the sea flow and included completely out of proportion, less than one thousand of the traffic, many pages are visible opponent >

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