The details of the innovation is the website construction company winning King

such as e-mail, a lot of IDC’s mailbox is actually products from competitors, we know that many companies advertise their mailbox global tour, support large 600M accessories, the use of the post office system and server resources are from the domestic well-known provider 263 post office network communication. Is Chinese million network office system, which is through technical cooperation, using the Beijing Quik email products, of course, all of its own technical strength through the natural will carry forward. As a big company, in order to stability and safety, more choice is to buy some more technical force to pay by way of the company’s technology or product. But a lot of strength and poor technology of small and medium-sized companies, the usual practice is to choose open source products, free and >

is not large enterprises

website construction in the industry before, know a lot of well-known company’s products, such as large and small computer to daily necessities, in fact, not their own production is not engaged in industrial design industry. After the entry site construction industry, so I see a lot of Internet products, in fact is not many companies own the original, but based on the hardware and software technology and other companies. For example, we know the enterprise mailbox and IDC product management platform, and now many of the major IDC enterprises record platform.

we know that the Internet now is such a successful Tencent, Tencent not only instant messaging tools QQ is even said reference is copied from the OICQ, we look at the Tencent other successful product search, portals, email or input method, computer guards will undoubtedly is not based on pseudo innovation to micro innovation. Zhou Hongyi is a free mode, but also in reference to foreign models, the market in the 360 security guards, in fact, there are also some similar products, but Zhou Hongyi used the unique mode of Zhou gave it a systematic, bigger. Turning to the Internet can not forget the three minutes of the world have a website construction market, especially the market of small and medium-sized enterprise website construction, the real market burgeoned not original company, but a "minimally invasive new company copy". In the construction site, how can we understand the new minimally invasive

to challenge Tencent, love Shanghai, Jinshan and other Internet heavyweights and the famous Internet guards Zhou Hongyi, when talking about the Internet is that micro innovation is a winning formula. The essence of micro innovation is actually the innovation of details, regardless of whether it is in the field of Internet, we are also very rarely make snap reform can be successful. Now a lot of people, especially in the Internet industry are ironic even hate Tencent plagiarism, but in the Chinese Internet, how many original? Chinese Internet not winning in the original, but in the micro innovation Zhou Hongyi said. Cool to think about, whether Zhou Hongyi or Ma Huateng’s new minimally invasive pseudo innovation, it is all the same. Is in the inheritance of others on the basis of some ideas to improve their hybridity.


, a domain host and other basic applications, the original

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