The search engine era of great change love Shanghai original spark program launched

now the acquisition machine and manual collection is more exquisite, more and more cunning, so the original is very difficult to identify.

in the face of this situation like Shanghai ready to fight a protracted war, we all know that when this situation, we must.

two, collecting flood recognition difficult

since 2013, Shanghai began to love big change, is the webmaster has been discussed hot topic, from the "green" algorithm to "pomegranate algorithm" and so on a series of algorithm is the search engine the traction to a more exciting platform, then, the real climax is to love the Shanghai search engine began to implement the original plan this started, now is the real search engine era of great change, love Shanghai original spark program launched.

face search engine overwhelmed, face a variety of tampering with the original collection of blue vitriol, some cheating, and how to go to love Shanghai original recognition road

original cunning

love Shanghai in May 16th on the release of the original identification, but has not been on the line.

so, we need to identify the original, more need to implement. So let’s see what specific measures and change.


June 20, 2013, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released < love Shanghai original spark program on-line >. This will also mean that the search engine may terminate flood collection times, not knowing how many webmaster hard word, make a good original article that sank into the sea flood collection, this also means that as long as it is not large, we will always face the original original judgment difficult, more difficult times, we repeat it. Lose confidence, so the original is less and less, but the collection of search engines in flood collected more and more the same article, who is this wrong? Go to

when the webmaster know why we should pay attention to the original, we can better and love Shanghai search engine do a better interaction, so we set up an original harmony search engine platform. In fact, more is to allow everyone to make the original, this is the first, why should we support the original approach, not only can give site bring good rankings and flow, more is to allow everyone to build user experience as the goal of harmony search engine.

three, then love Shanghai original recognition how to walk the road of

called on everyone to do original, but more people use loopholes or means to make profits, there are some people who always love the evil idea, will cause flooding of today’s acquisition, artificial or machine caused by tampering with the forwarding chaotic search engine. Never know the original effort, just act against one’s conscience, so, as a webmaster, we must first set a good example.


, we need to figure out why we should pay attention to the original search engine:

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