The Shanghai dragon brand road way forward

means Shanghai dragon has always been a most free way, after all, not like some huge investment, but, if an electronic commerce website without a good investment, so it can be called the electronic commerce website, so here is that, with the Shanghai dragon included a small start from the subdivision is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng next segment of the industry, market segments, you will see a lot of Shanghai dragon are not discovered, then the most segments of the market will bring huge benefits to you, here is the same as the brand of the road from small to large, long tail keywords and Shanghai dragon, from the long tail keywords start to optimize the primary key, is the same reason, after all, if you want to take the brand route, a first place can get a lot of Many initial skills.

and, if you set a primary key at the same time, to capture other long tail keywords, and then use the long tail word to drive the subject, looks like this is the city surrounded by rural strategy, a large number of long tail, when you have a large number of long tail base, not worry not surrounded by the primary key, this is a form of thinking. Many a little make a mickle. a way, so as to promote their own.

when Shanghai dragon continues to develop, I believe many friends already know the basic Shanghai dragon is to use what operation, often at the forum to see many webmaster want to use the Shanghai Phoenix to build their own brands, in Shanghai Longfeng plastic stand their own brands have been in use of this a good way, then how can we take the Shanghai dragon brand road, here are some ways to think several ways to do the best, will make Shanghai Longfeng brand, so as to promote themselves, then listen to the talk.

: one of the front road brand from

two: on the road of brand soft propaganda

soft propaganda is an effective way of continuous grinding so as to adapt to their own brand and form of soft Wen is a weapon, direct propaganda, the core is the cost is not high, but the publicity is very rapid, when a soft Wen is when hundreds of people watching, then the one thousand article, this the effect is amazing, this is a large number of articles will accumulate user. Write text is not difficult, difficult is the idea, is the form, is to think about every day, today, what do you need to promote themselves, what is today to provide their own website and so on various resources, and brand publicity, more is relative, need to directly identify the user, publicity and promotion, a good this can bring N IP directly to you, if you find a real time, can think of your article, so this article is undoubtedly successful, is worth learning; just as in the A5 submission, write your name in the front, this is also a way, after all. Who wrote is who, no doubt is a kind of publicity, the publicity also is no doubt that people will be more > letter

The use of

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