Optimization techniques of single page website

single page website1,

single page website1, the construction of the chain of

single page website because only one page, so the work we do is around this page and the content or keyword or single page website correlation is always higher. The most typical example is the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, love the Shanghai encyclopedia page we can see it as a single page website inside, all content is around the relevant entry and editing content, very relevance and integrity, the user through a page can be a solution to all the knowledge points of the entry.

we know that many web traffic is to get through two pages and content pages, and there is no such single page website page, so the traffic is concerned, is undoubtedly a major blow to the website;

The advantages of

single page website to layout a lot of key words can easily be identified as keyword stuffing, and keyword stuffing is a kind of common cheating, so it is easy to be out of the search engine K.

, the construction of the chain, single page web site without any operating room, only to ignore this one of the most important means of optimization;

for a single page website, we can not pay attention to change the bounce rate, because the bounce rate must be 100%. Such a high bounce rate for search engines are likely to be the site that is of no value, makes it difficult to get good rankings.

The shortcomings of

2, to enhance the relevance of the site’s

this is probably the most advantage is worth showing off for a single page website. As we know, right.

3, the bounce rate

, 3 for weight

2, traffic acquisition

single page website without fear of website content is not the search engine grab, only one page, capture, collection, display are logical things.

The layout of

in the single page website optimization, we must first understand what is a single page website. Single page website as the name suggests, is only one page of the site, the first page is the content page, in the structure of the site will be the next level of content. For many Shanghai dragon Er, in the face of such sites often do not know where to start, because a single page website for Shanghai dragon is the biggest harm to optimize operational approaches zero station optimization. Of course, single page website still has its unique advantages, we have the following detailed description.

to grab and included

Oh, say so many disadvantages of single page website I believe many people will be hurt, but things are complementary to each other, there is a negative will be positive, we talk about the advantages of the single page website.

When we talk about

4 and key words

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