Take note of the first video They’re con artistsshlf1314 ADSENSE daily income survey

, 200412 months placed a day before 0.2-0.3, then a day about 10The following is the content of

date "clicks" show the number of hits "eCPM income?

2004 Friday, December 10th, 179290.50% USD0.10 USD0.18

2004 Saturday, December 11th, 3500% USD0.00 USD0.00

2004 Monday, December 13th, 6318270.43% USD0.03 USD0.17

2004 Tuesday, December 14th, 9872220.22% USD0.03 USD0.29

2004 Wednesday, December 15th, 10101260.26% USD0.04 USD0.41

2004 Thursday, December 16th, 9932220.22% USD0.07 USD0.68

2004 Friday, December 17th, 8488150.18% USD0.08 USD0.67

2004 Saturday, December 18th, 9533130.14% USD0.03 USD0.31

2004 Sunday, December 19th, 10902160.15% USD0.07 USD0.76

2004 Monday, December 20th, 10619120.11% USD0.02 USD0.24

2004 Tuesday, December 21st, 10585240.23% USD0.06 USD0.59

2005-11-23 payment… -USD180.93

2005-11-30 income… USD134.65

2005-12-22 payment… -USD134.65

2005-12-31 income… USD188.27

2006-1-25 payment… -USD188.27

2006-1-31 income… USD159.91


first, first began to spend high prices to play out, leading to the first video account is precious, and even some people spend money to buy and do

Second, then find all kinds of reasons to delete PV more code, say you have no traffic, you ask the customer service they will say that this is the audit by specialized personnel, but also deduct your income of a day!

Third, third is to give you a reason for the audit you modify the domain name, it is now stop on the site of the audit

Fourth, then is the forum to stop speaking, because everyone’s opinion is more, so they stop the ordinary members speak rights

fifth, then they put some ads into the public, let the webmaster to advertise their whiteSome of the above

seems to be the common Chinese alliance, they all have a bad ideas, to have no credibility!

the original first video is not what they want to make money   alliance; to advertise their own video so we always play their own program rather than advertising late after close or at least to a close button

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

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