PC traffic is more and more low Hidden behind the transformation


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now there is no a single large, the market is so big, but the integration of the enterprise is more and more, everyone gets the cake is less. This time an advantage will be highlighted: the data content website more, covering the range of users will be greater, so it will produce more ranking opportunities, loyal users will be more. If a web site, we can meet all the needs of the people, so there is a need to find the home

recently, many webmaster said in a question: why the website ranking is more and more high, traffic growth is not optimistic? Those who flow to where? The survival of the enterprise is facing severe challenges and transformation of thinking, are you ready?


website, professional is a must, professional promotion, can let users generate more viscous. The site itself to regulate some of the columns of a professional, not less, can provide the tools of the trade that is professional Goods are available in all varieties., performance. The last point is: more professional information, can be exaggerated, but do not run the train.


with computer, TV is more reduced to the family decoration, and now the mobile phone, also let the computer people also become less and less. Over the past several day may one hundred thousand on the site, now under the same weight may be only tens of thousands of IP, this is not the one to be the outbreak of the curse? How to break this curse? Still meet death to die.

this article, we take a look at the hidden behind some really like and transition, perhaps, it’s not too late.

? "Enterprise" is good, with a QQ resource interception video, animation, music, games, shopping…… When the flow of our hands, do not cherish, but lost when love you for ten thousand years, the world is not such a good thing. For the website: the expansion of the related industries such as data reading station, download station, and the installation of APP, can produce the effect of the throttle opening, even if some of the WeChat group, have no effect.

Learn how to intercept

your web site to attract much traffic, is to be able to bring much benefits provided to the user what! "

we are all in the pursuit of efficient and convenient, how simple how come the way of life, from the private car travel, to choose subway travel are not so. In the past the site is very convenient, but since the mobile phone is more and more intelligent, the computer will be replaced? Therefore, traffic plummeted, are directly related to mobile devices. Your website for processing mobile terminal: do mobile terminal site? Still rely on love Shanghai for its automatic transcoding of


Convenience: The closure of

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