Shanghai white dragon line that something

is the Shanghai dragon. So, I decided to start my career in Shanghai dragon. Now, when a small Shanghai Longfeng interns in Guangzhou wave search network technology Co. Ltd., but my ambition is not small. Recall the interview of this company, I was directly asked the boss (the boss): Shanghai dragon "money" way? The boss directly

told me that: "". Then he and I began to talk about some of the specific conditions of the company, think about how the original is so young. The following is part of conversation I and the boss:

two months

  three years as fingertips, was full of ambition I have half a social person. Half a year ago, tired of the comfort out of the campus, the campus in advance. That can go to find their own paradise, as everyone knows, I leave is heaven. Out of society, with a cavity blood, when the power to

, the key lies in the Shanghai dragon. Because our company has many years of experience in the construction site, the transformation, the direction of the company will not be chaos.


sales. As a rookie, in fact, performance is also good. But slowly found himself into work to work, no idea without direction, once lost. Only to find that it is not for me, this is not what I want. Decided to resign, began to plan their dream blueprint.

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