The advantages and disadvantages of the original and reproduced in website optimization

, a readability of

did not repeat the original article appeared on the Internet, are more likely to love Shanghai spiders crawl. Of course, it is easier to obtain keyword ranking in search of users, because the original article has priority in Shanghai included in the index page of love.

We think that

has many stations to update the article is directly copying others article and then made some small changes, leading to the content inside some typos and words problems, allowing users to read not only difficult and a waste of time, very low readability, of course, love for sea is extremely objectionable.


two, the high repeatability of

is not to reprint articles of no value? Of course not, we just reproduced in the article to others, you must first love in Shanghai above search have reprinted or reproduced many times. Because we only have reproduced over the quality of high and low frequency reproduced, not only can improve the quality of the content of the website, but also get a lot of traffic, after all, the high quality of the search frequency of course is high. This is the number of portals reprinted articles of others will not drop right, but also get the keywords than the original articles on the site.

so for those of us long grassroots website, update the site must grasp the original and reproduced moderate, not blindly reproduced the article to others without their original things, finally included not only the poor, also be "

and originality are the following:

two, easily readable high weight website reproduced

on the site in the construction industry, one of the Shanghai Phoenix the most basic work is to update the contents of the article, but also repeated long-term. Many website articles most content are reproduced online relatively high weight of the high repeatability of the article, there is the so-called pseudo original only, is not truly original. Because the center content or others, can only say the degree of similarity between the two is different. So, most of the sources are reproduced or. Below I will introduce some of the drawbacks of Reprint:

because the articles are reproduced from high weight website to get, so the number of reproduced high repeatability of course beyond count. But for the love of Shanghai, will only be included before a few weight high website, and other low weight website shut out.

original article content without another change, will not produce expression statements unreasonable, unknown, so as to improve the quality of the content. Readable for users, easy to get love reading, of course, will be high weight website, so as to enhance the weight of the website.

The advantage of

, a collection of love Shanghai is more likely to be included, and the ranking obtained high weight

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