Shanghai dragon to guard against excessive site optimization

is in the station optimization. Lift the weights of the web page and in the chain has a direct or indirect relationship within the chain, excessive optimization has the following:

A very important link in the chain of

with the H1 tag as an example, the H1 tag content of the site is the theme of the site, and the weight of this label is given >

two, the chain optimization over

three, code label optimization over

, a content optimization over

content is crucial to the site, because the site content not only directly displayed to the user see, also search engine needs most. If the webmaster to do keywords in the page optimization and mechanical stack keywords, or send some and website content not related articles, even in order to update using pseudo original software generated a large number of low quality content, can cause the website content optimization excessive, causing the site to search engine drop right, even by the K.

as the saying goes "too far", we do have to be careful not to let the Shanghai dragon website optimization measures in order to avoid excessive search engine punishment! In essence, as long as we grasp the point: Shanghai dragon optimization is the starting point for the user experience and not to search rankings! Website optimization excessive general what kinds of situations? The Shanghai dragon Jones to share 4 points.

1, a single page is placed in the excessive chain. Keywords because want to do more, some are required to edit Shanghai Longfeng increase the number of keywords links released in each article, if a large number of pages in the web search engine is likely to lead to punishment. And website content page weight is limited, the link has also led to excessive weight transfer is dispersed. Suggest that you place 1-2 strong correlation links in an article.

website to do original, high quality, strong related content, this website will only allow customers to remember and come back again, it will not lead to excessive optimization of website content. Many students think it is difficult to make the enterprise website content, it is mainly the idea of the problem, you can refer to my blog in Shanghai Longfeng shared "enterprise website optimization to improve the quality of the content of the page".

2, a single keyword links too much. Many webmaster to optimize a keyword, in the chain of keywords, and most are pointing to the home page, which is likely to cause the search engine’s suspicion, that is excessive optimization. When the webmaster in optimize a keyword, and other key words must be reasonable distribution, increase diversity, so as not to cause the search engine doubt.

sometimes website code tags can also help us to speed up the optimization, but the premise is to use reasonable. If in order to speed up the optimization using a large number of code labels, but also caused by excessive optimization. The commonly used label H1, tag, ALT and so on, only the page according to the need to rational use will not cause the site right down.

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