Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis example what are the effects of site links

domain name

total link number

in the customer to do the diagnosis, found their understanding of the concept of the total domain name is not clear, some simply do not know represent what meaning, actually refers to the external links from a number of independent domain name, in general, the total domain name is far less than the total number of links, such as a web page can have a lot of link to your website, your website can be in the same blog or forum, leaving a lot of links, although there are external links, but they are from the same domain. But if your site can have many names of external links, so that the total domain name to the influence of the website ranking will naturally greater than the total number of links, after all, people more power. Although a website’s strength is small, can not play what role, but if tens of thousands of small sites, so this kind of. Its absolute value is greater than a high weight website link.

There are many factors affecting ? The

high quality link number

links that the webmaster are not unfamiliar with it, believe it will do every webmaster work every day, and may also be recorded, even several days increased the calculated number of links will clearly in every day to check the link time, although the net station link number the ranking is pretty good, but the A5 team in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization to the customer diagnosis website, in fact, ranking good site, number of links will not be too small, a website only hundreds of links or dozens of links also ranked no good, basically is the number of links ranking to be a little better, therefore, A5 group in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization are generally done a comprehensive diagnosis of the customer site, and then, to increase the construction of the link.

website ranking, optical links accounted for 60%, the importance of self-evident natural link. Therefore, owners are also very hard for their own websites around the link, will try to increase the chain, but not all of the chain to improve website rankings are of great help, examples here in A5 Shanghai Longfeng group in Shanghai Longfeng do diagnosis and optimization to the customer to diagnosis and we talk about the influence of the website ranking links have? What kind of links on your website ranking of

said the total number is less than the total link is better, but if the total number of links to your website though many, have tens of thousands or even hundreds, but some are from the BSP forum, blog or blog like links, then this link is not terrible, the quality is very low, you check his link the total domain name may not across hundreds or thousands, so don’t lose heart, want to catch up with what it is not difficult, but if you no matter what tools, links are classified information some of the weight is very high, and even some Sina, YAHOO high weight link level then, even if he links the number is not much, but if you want more than him, it is not easy. So, Shanghai dragon A5 > diagnosis

The total number of

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