The depth of love Shanghai PPC and decrypt Click Prices

from the actual bid results, Samsung keyword click price and save Liz off >

in fact is really so? Do a simple test, you love Shanghai input "lose weight", and then you can live in love in Shanghai promotion background input "lose weight", look at the two results are not the same. In rare cases, will be exactly the same, in most cases different.

if the ranking mechanism is the quality of bidding bid * index, then we can predict our bid to what circumstances, in what position. The fact is that every refresh love Shanghai search, show the results we see will be sorted in a different way. In other words, we have completely failed to predict the search results before we place in the internet. And love Shanghai background in the bidding, to the left of the chance to show keywords, also began to use the probability to prompt.

here to make a point: now I love Shanghai ranking system given a random coefficient method, is the Internet users in the search, according to the quality of the system given a left show proportional coefficient, the quality of bid * became the main factors affecting the random coefficients. Conclusion based on this theory, that is to say love Shanghai system decision tendency in the weakening of the first position, that is to say the first ranking index is not only the first row of the first row, the maximum probability, so we think the quality of the first row of the first Samsung bid will know there is a certain deviation. Love Shanghai in a comprehensive ranking index of random coefficient, randomized algorithm to ensure that customers who can take advantage of the offer also have a chance to get to the front row, the effect of marketing. It should also be a trend of love Shanghai for upgrades, is to weaken a little capital discourse. So, now the ranking mechanism is unable to guarantee you must first row, even if you are the first and quality of bid.

now we come back to think about a problem, love Shanghai official description will not be stable on the left show the star is what meaning, is in fact a lot of Samsung in the show is not stable, if you have a certain number of Samsung can try to brush their own words. In some tests, a lot of star words, actually on the left show. In these cases, compared with those of the mechanical textbook tutorial, there has been a lot of changes.

if there is a random probability coefficient affect the Ranking Ranking, according to the tutorial click price formula (= a quality * a bid / the quality of your billing) +0.01 formula will be affected, because of the possibility of random to a price and quality are ranked in the above you you (this little chance, but absolutely, you can in your industry refresh N times see results).

bidding mechanism is extremely concerned about the topic for each member. Love Shanghai bidding system upgrade, adopt comprehensive ranking index (CRI) as the standard, under normal circumstances, the ranking index is larger, on the search results page ranking is higher.

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