Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the need to pay attention to foreign trade website

three: focus on the weight of the inside pages optimization

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a lot of people in the optimization of the web site, the simple home station to station one-way links to resources home, looks like the weight transfer is very good, but this approach is not conducive to the optimization of the station group, but should be more in the page and the article page to link to the master page, this is the dispersion link way, to make the search engine to find the law, of course to understand web pages and pages, and channel page, the correlation between web sites and pages. "

two: if the foreign trade website is the station group, so be careful is the key to

electronic commerce website money effect is very good, a lot of people love to do e-commerce at home, some people also love to do foreign trade in this type of website, the two way is to optimize the search engine for each one has his good points, but the electronic commerce of the two range to different search engine optimization the foreign trade websites is mainly for Google, with respect to the love of Shanghai, Google optimization still has some differences, of course, also have a certain relationship, the author also has three years of experience in foreign trade website, although not on the foreign trade website search engine optimization what insights, but believe note that several of the still engaged in Google optimization practitioners or will help

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: Friends of the chain in Google site weight judgment on a relatively high proportion of


do foreign trade website alone is difficult to have a future, so more people do foreign trade website is in the form of standing group, followed, team often can obtain excellent results, but the station group operation would be Google recognition, after all intelligence than Google I love Shanghai. It is recommended when the operation station group should pay attention to three points, one is the web space IP cannot be the same address, choose mixed foreign website space and space in Hongkong, so that Google can not find the rules! The links between websites can not all links total, to share page links and total station third is the site of alternating links! Content can not be all the same, nor can the same keywords, the best is the industry different keywords, must pay attention to the correlation and correlation of total! Words, to do without rules is the key to

with respect to love Shanghai, pay more attention to the Google website chain, and Google to determine the technology chain is also very good, for friends of the chain, the chain weight of total station transfer is the highest, of course, the premise and your website weight chain itself than you high, the foreign trade website to find high weight website chain usually only able to spend money to buy, after all you know a few foreign friends, in addition to the entirestation type chain, can also do some outside the chain, the chain is best the chain anchor text type, or click open to the URL of the website, the text the link is negligible for Google! So the chain or patient

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