Discuss the enterprise website optimization 5 optimization points

4. enterprise web site login submitted to the directory of sites: find the weight of relatively high directory sites, these directory sites covering all types of enterprises. Once the classification submitted but were included for the enterprise website search rankings have considerable effect. But also from these sites to get the effective flow of potential customers, to bring sales opportunities.

2. website update: for an enterprise website, should be timely new product information and information industry company oiwn enterprise website. At the same time can also be internal activities issued up to attract more people to pay attention to, of course, these contents are not reveal company secrets. To ensure that the site has the change in the maximum extent. From "the chain for the king, the contents of the emperor" is enough to prove that the content of the website and the chain plays an important role for the promotion of the website.

The 5 point above

is in the rapid development of information technology today, we have no doubt that whether large enterprises or small companies, what is the factory will have their own independent website. Those who are fond of enterprise website using the FLASH animation and lots of picture elements and on its own website, if from the marketing point of speaking, the user browsing the website is undoubtedly a kind of beauty to enjoy. But if from the optimization and the promotion of the site’s perspective, this is a failure, because the enterprise website is not only a vase, for everyone to enjoy! How can we do the enterprise website promotion work, I now give a few suggestions:

5. more time on A5 station network, from which to take by others’ problems and you know you can help answer, leave your site just tell him interested can exchange, maybe he is your customers.

speaking is not very detailed, but.

1. site should try to avoid the use of a large number of FLASH animation and picture elements to the performance of their products: did the site all know, if a website using the FLASH animation and lots of picture elements, then 3 seconds can completely show the website? If not, how many people again wait 3 seconds for the Internet? Who can’t endure is wait for 3 to 7 seconds, also cannot show? OK, close the browser, for another one. This product is not the only one. At present, the website text element is the best search engine. We should minimize the use of FLASH animation, and with a alt attribute in the picture.

3. industry promotion: hire someone to let them release their products and related technical information in the German industry website, and bring the enterprise web site, can be Baidu and noble baby and other search engines, so that more people can see, is a good way to increase the site wide degree, but also is very helpful to improve the website keyword search rankings.

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