The website data analysis chart you deserve

said you have to Paris L’OREAL, then the site data, you deserve it! I silently for the website construction work for nearly a month, there have been many between sour, sweet, bitter, hot long-awaited website, I was finally successful fix, launched! Now I really do not know what words to describe me at this moment mood! Sometimes think before efforts will not be wasted, if not a little effect, will not affect my life? In fact, and later learned that not my imagination. With the help of effective data analysis of my friend’s website, let me understand the behavior of users, through this act, I can increase the adhesion site through customer service, so as to achieve between the user and the visitor’s needs. The home station website can know the statistical tools of all.

Optimization of

data analysis can for the optimization of the site itself and the search engine plays a certain role, do not believe you can try. In the final analysis, website optimization always can not escape the application of data analysis. So, I hope that we can seize this data analysis skill, through.

the most common practice is to understand the website through trend analysis graph visits the website. In general, the length of time when the user visits a website to reach the highest point, find the most visited web pages and user retention to the promotion of the website. Then with the help of love Shanghai search engine, determine the main keyword antecedents, user browsing depth, the use of language and the city, or what the use of search engines to determine the user behavior. Want to do a website, webmaster users to understand the source (location), user preferences and user behavior. These data can be placed correctly guide the layout and navigation station how to grasp the website, a good website to attract users is inevitable.

to master the source of the user and user behavior of crystal clear through these data, your users at your disposal. Readers may wish to consider a question: what is the user’s taste. For example, users love what kind of content, the user access to what kind of love ", what is the shortest time and most web users stay long time, through which users access to the site entrance and so on. The above problems are clear, summed up an outline, followed by classification. The advantages of the application of different web page in your web page, the website content is more prominent, a further beautify the site. Late in the promotion of publicity focused.

we want results will appear, many ways can be used to interpret the Shanghai dragon, others with practice to reflect. Through the analysis of the data to grasp the user’s habits, users love to use what kind of browser, love what the search engine, Google is still love Shanghai. To count the daily data, monthly data statistics, site visit to see how to through the data statistics, directly through the website access trend map can see again, an antidote against the disease.


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