Using the details of the optimization for independent blog ranking fly

blog, a special form of website. You can record life, you can also write sharing technology, can be used as a leisure place, can also be used to do network marketing, even become a station partner "blog". Web site optimization process, according to the special form of blogging and optimization? The following came into our topic today: "using the details of the optimization for independent blog ranking fly".

in website optimization, blog is a special case, can not rely on search engines and easily guide the flow of production. By the early general portal blog brought blog visits, until now independent blog mutual comments. A Shanghai dragon optimization blog, on this point, it is no exaggeration to say that there are at least more than 50% of the traffic comes from "interaction". Every day for the 100 to each other on the blog message, most bloggers will be polite to visit, so a month down can accumulate can visit blog source 30000. Since then no longer continue to make new blog comments, just in this one turn in a circle, to the flow of every day will be objective. Such as now some Hot Blog, most of the traffic from once strong bloggers every day visit.

three: how to carry out the details of the optimization of

as a blog, usually have a common point "update frequency is far better than other sites". Soon a day may update a 2 article, slow or even a week to update a good. But the general attention in traffic and Shanghai blog update frequency optimization Longfeng are maintained at 3 days to update, unless the ranking does not pay attention to not say. Because of this, it resulted in the number of snapshots in far less than other types of websites. This blog is more prominent should optimize the details, get more traffic in the Bowen co.. And as large and small and fine, because of the "small" blog, not many people go to boring open blog station. So the content quality will be relatively high, then the search engine to give the weights are generally slightly higher.

1, the blog to often updates, although blog every day some difficulty, but 3, 2 days to keep an article to update search difficult, if things go on like this.



: a blog traffic source analysis

how to add details of the website optimization, is to inject enough vitality to the blog, or even do again for a long time, flow may also go, endless investment is in endless labor.


two: Why are the details of the optimization of

in addition, a part of another part of the flow from the keyword, and from the "brand" effect. Such as binary often write articles, blog every day people search "binary network marketing blog" and generate traffic. Can not be ignored to the point, blog is really a powerful channel for forging personal or company brand.

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