Why is the best love Shanghai search for website search engine

vertical search:

and the existing web site, are generally used with or develop the search technology limits are limited by the search algorithm, the search result accuracy and integrity of the just passable. The forum, blog, classification of information site more and more choose to use love Shanghai, Tencent and other professional companies to provide search engine services.

from the above search results can be seen in the aspect of search and intelligent search in Shanghai love >


system comes with search results show


Keywords: intelligent Comparison of the


did not find the three kinds of search and use of the site, only by using two kinds of search Lailiangliang comparison site.

some time ago, everyone is a product manager platform is honored to receive the love of Shanghai in search of membership invitation, began to use the love sea search alternative built-in search engine, search for a more impartial and objective evaluation of love Shanghai station, we from the search results, the user experience more latitude to love Shanghai station search and search with comparison.

love Shanghai station search:

in order to evaluate the various third more accurate search results, we continue to prefer the Shanghai station search, Discuz search, and search the default! Tencent in forum site in search results, the accuracy, timeliness and several latitudes are compared.

from two search results, love Shanghai station search can not only search the title, but also through the full text matching keywords, while providing the release time screening, jump to love Shanghai search and other functions. With respect to their own search, love Shanghai search in the search results, the number of response speed, search keyword highlighting, search results display etc. are strong in their own search.

because this site is smart TV forum site, so the industry related keywords as sample words.

for a web site, when the flow gradually increase, when more and more rich content, need only through display and website architecture has been unable to meet the users to find content. Only through the search, in order to allow users to quickly and accurately find the content they need.

from the user search purpose, in addition to let users accurately, find the information users need, also need timely response, easy to use.

uses the sea search search results display in


1, VS Shanghai station search search and love



, the accuracy rate of

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