What is the standard keyword stuffing

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keyword density is a keyword or a keyword in the page of the text and other proportion. The page relative to the total number of words, the more the number of keyword, then the keyword density is greater. The more the number of other characters appear, keyword ratio is lower, the smaller is the keyword density.

keyword stack, the same page 3%-8%.

OK, so what is the keyword

keywords to improve the keyword in the search engine rankings? How do you use keyword stuffing with impunity? To be able to use keywords on the site several times without punishment, different search engines have different standard? Wayne Hurbert not only puts forward the solution of these the problem is solved in this paper, and some other problems.

keyword keyword but the formula is immutable and frozen, and the total number of pages ratio below 5%, is probably the most.

How to control the frequency of use of ?No

different search engines to keyword density attitude are different?


keyword density is one of many search engines, including search algorithm Yahoo and MSN, noble baby. Each search engine has a keyword density of different mathematical formulas, keyword density can make you get a higher ranking position. It permits before implementing punishment in terms of the degree of the keyword density, there are also different levels of tolerance between different search engines.


keyword density formula of

keyword is the search in the search for information, products or services, in the search engine input interface entry. The keyword is a factor mathematical search engine algorithm was used to determine the correlation between the billions of web pages and specific search. The search algorithm considers a keyword search and the most relevant pages will be out of order.

keyword density would influence website ranking

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search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) experts generally believe that, to some extent easing allow keyword density Yahoo and MSN on each page of the search industry leader than the noble baby. This problem still exists some controversy in the Shanghai dragon circle, and it is easy to find examples to the contrary. However, generally speaking, the use of multiple keywords for tolerance, noble baby than Yahoo and smaller MSN.

keyword can be a word or a word contains the word. The search in the search information, these two methods are useful to. The general rule is that the longer the key words, search engine returns from the information in the index is more accurate.


how to distinguish keywords and keyword

keyword density (Keyword Density)

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