The website is K within 1 months after the recovery and snapshot rankings

and snapshot keywords back to October 18th, when the keyword density title and home three days before the adjustment is not to be loved in Shanghai approved, but other search engines, until today have not had any problems, love Shanghai for Title adjustment, especially the high density of keywords is very severely punished.

: This is the website I am responsible for the Shanghai dragon ranking, in less than 1 months, due to excessive optimization, the home is Shanghai K out of love. 1 months after the gradually adjustment and optimization strategy, after 1 months, love Shanghai and keywords ranking snapshot recovery, greatly enhance the practical cases. This and the majority of peers to share my experience:

. And maintain an appropriate increase in the chain. Finally in November 22nd, love Shanghai reincluding website home page, you can see, now the site keywords, including construction sites in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Hangzhou enterprise website production, network marketing, Hangzhou web design, network and so on are the keywords Wukong than originally had increased to a certain extent, and some of the words have reached home before 5. Love is a sea of K home after successfully recover successful cases and rank.

You can see the The latest snapshot of

title setting is not ideal, then adjust the title: Hangzhou network company _ Hangzhou website construction | Hangzhou website | Hangzhou network marketing [] Hangzhou website production | Wukong network marketing website construction

)This time I found the I am

for two days, ranking no fluctuation. But the fourth day, they found "Hangzhou website construction" ranking without


from the beginning of October this year the company responsible for the site of the Shanghai dragon ranking, optimized title, text content. The chain only joined the "Hangzhou love Shanghai encyclopedia Wukong network company", and the company’s recent clients sites have joined the chain of the anchor text. In October 19th when the ranking figure: (0 100 page rank no

but did not make a prompt and proper adjustment of the page, but only made outside the chain, in November 2nd when the page was K. After being K, I immediately adjusted the keyword density, and never go to title. To update an article every day. During the period of love in Shanghai every day will be included in our website

summary: remember to set the title before optimization, then don’t change. And the density of the home page must not be too high, especially with A tag page words. There is K home page also don’t expect love in Shanghai, usually within a month will release the home page as long as you correct the error. After being K, first of all to correct the error, and then update daily articles, let love Shanghai came every day and every day included, right outside the chain. I believe your site within a month will be collected again, but also good Oh!


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