Let the chain more efficient removal of nofollow

In this paper,

2. Toolbar by Moz found Shanghai Longfeng, added to the firefox:

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to help you better recognition of foreign chains and "nofollow" website, here I recommend a foreign Shanghai Dragon – Shanghai dragon Toolbar by Moz plug-in, it can be easily for you to find out whether foreign chain website nofollow. Following the installation and use of methods (such as Firefox):

reminder: the appropriate nofollow chain is a must, the chain structure of such a more healthy and natural.


note: if you want the plug-in display site nofollow links, click the "pen" nofollow; otherwise dofollow.

3. can be used to restart the browser, the meaning of data as follows:


we all know that in Shanghai Longfeng work, the construction of the chain is the priority among priorities, every day we are in for the high quality of the chain, so that it can transfer the weight to our own website. But sometimes you will find that the chain page contains a lot, and quality are good, but the effect is not good, why? This is probably the chain is "nofollow", is thought to prevent the transfer of weight. The website not announced that the website external chain added "nofollow" label, and a lot of friends in the hair of the chain when rarely pay attention to it, it will do a lot of useless sleepwalk.


although this plugin is for Google development, but with the search for nofollow is very practical, not to see the code. If do English friends website, this plugin is a must do the chain.

1. in the Firefox add ons manager in search of Shanghai dragon Toolbar, in the search results may not find this plugin we want, then click the "check all the search results:

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