Occupation development of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners

there are many roads to choose, but I give advice: Network Marketing – a stage of development capacity of the largest, most widely. Whenever you are, always the most popular marketing talents. In marketing, I give you two recommendations: one is to do Taobao promotion, one is to do independent B2C website promotion.

does not understand Taobao cannot be said to be familiar with e-commerce China, Taobao depth, hard to learn to do Taobao promotion, is a great wealth, do Taobao you will find, in the sea battle turned out to be like this. Taobao promotion, Taobao’s stock, Taobao customer service, Taobao logistics and so on, the electricity supplier personnel necessary land.

Shanghai dragon is an essential basic skills in simple

Shanghai dragon is a basic skill of simple. Many people ask me how to do keywords ranking do go up, my answer is never a word: content links. Also I had a few small apprentice, and on their first class is to learn how to organize the content, how to send a link, I called recover the original simplicity when you really understand, to a certain extent, you will find that in fact is one thing. Especially now many web programs are free plus ready-made case, the two core is more obvious. Of course to do large enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is not so simple, but if it is a small web site in general, to understand the basic principle, the two core eat almost, to realize this step, naturally, Shanghai dragon as a basic skill is simple, but a basic skill is a must do network promotion.

website is a victory for the current

Shanghai Longfeng practitioners where next?


few top-notch people, but many people know Shanghai dragon, do not top-notch, what should we do? Shanghai Longfeng practitioners decide on what path to follow.

a website by Shanghai dragon is certainly not, I think after a baptism of Taobao and B2C, when the experience of settling down, every Shanghai dragon their role should have changed, no longer had that will only send the article, send link brat. Network marketing is also a party.

I want to write a words from the bottom of the heart have not written in a long time, but the head is cut open, the big guy looked at numerous times, don’t throw egg, just barely see naturally or half unconsciously.

used Taobao, another independent B2C, there is a good feeling at a loss, but there are a lot of things are common, familiar with Taobao, Shanghai dragon staff will be more handy in the independent B2C, because at this time you have to stand in the perspective of marketing problem. A branch of Shanghai dragon is the inside of the network marketing, but for independent B2C, will use and not use will be a big difference.

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