Maintain and update the website content naturally rankings to long term development

early 2012 love Shanghai search engine algorithm has been changed until now nearly four months, has changed, so many rely on cheating to get good ranking consciousness, website has disappeared in the search engine on the love of Shanghai. Visible, love Shanghai adjustment regulation is more and more strong. Only one purpose, that is to rely on our own efforts to do inside and outside the station optimization, respect the user experience of the website can be more fair. So in the face of such strict rules of search engine, how can we get the favour of search engine, to obtain a stable

second: the keyword

can not be applied mechanically

: first published by the time there is no clear provisions of

do website optimization work. I feel a deep is many webmaster in their writing, will deliberately to put your keywords optimization on a certain point, the article makes no sense, let the user know optimization industry has never seen from the. How is it able to do optimization. First of all, the user experience will fail, not to mention the search engines. This article you write today is all about the design, if you just want to put the word into the construction site, it can, but must be fluent, not the wrong person. You can. I have seen many of our peers in the website, behind will add "construction sites in Shanghai, Shanghai website design……" These words in the back. In fact, this is really a misunderstanding. If the text >

is about to get good rankings this problem, we are very clear, it should be how to do. But because these problems ultimately did not follow the rules to make love in search of Shanghai. Here, for example: you complain they have no time, no good writing skills. There is to see other websites by plagiarism can get good rankings, unable to put the same mentality, start copying the road, pay a lot, ranked no change. What should we do? Please look at the Shanghai website construction company co CE network Xiao Bai to talk.

a lot of Shanghai dragon ER and the webmaster, always feel this a website optimization path is a mistake. Spend a lot of effort and time to do every day. But I also love to follow Shanghai optimization rules, ranking is still little improvement. Why? In fact, for this problem we should be rational analysis. First, we went to see a large portal, Sina and NetEase. They are not prescribed time deliberately to do the update, ranking is very good. This is strange, why many of our webmaster has been stressed that the update by the amount of time the contents of the ranking is good. But by your own hungry research and analysis, will find that this is a mistake. So when doing the update, don’t try, what to do and how to do every day, spend one or two hours to do the update, a good grasp of quality is on the line.


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