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to Study hard Shanghai dragon, from the best to build a website, and then to the layout keywords >


I asked many novice


I always think learning method is far more important than the effort, many novice learning Shanghai dragon, is not a direction to the Internet, looking for some articles or video, then think you can self-study self-taught success, of course there are a lot of people, but you have much confidence to become this kind of person a lot of people? Is too confident, to see someone without any guidance on the Internet looking for tutorials, then do not understand and asked some of the Shanghai dragon master, to eat after cold-shoulder treatment began to complain not within the industry, the spirit of Lei Feng;

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before learning, Shanghai dragon general how long can learn, actually such a difficult question to answer, do well in general, only a month will be able to master the Shanghai Dragon technology, and some people are still learning one or two years to update the soft in the hair of the chain level, so many newcomers without good reason this technique is here, so for the novice, how to better learn Shanghai dragon? The following Cen Huiyu to give you a simple talk about how to learn the Shanghai dragon.


1. you want to reach the height of what

3. you study direction is correct?

every learning Shanghai dragon who have different purposes, some people want to find a good job; there are people who want to use this technology in the Internet to earn money; others because the company’s reasons; some people want to build a professional team through this technology; also some people want to increase their sales of products on the Internet; while holding a different purpose to study effect is different, some want to do so in charge of Shanghai Longfeng study hard, some just want to become a Commissioner of the chain and learning, different results will let different people have different views on Shanghai Dragon technology, key is you want to reach the height of what

did not learn, not only to learn, if you are willing to spend time to study in a certain area, so after a year you must become the veterans, many people say that no one taught me, I am learning talent, but you let him go to play two minutes to learn the glory of the king, why others a king of glory will soon, because every day he spent a lot of time to learn, so learn quickly, then you also spent much time studying in Shanghai Dragon Technology? You have to ask Cen Huiyu how long to learn, I can answer you need will matter for a month, but you have to be early.


2. do you spend much time to learn

is going to study in Shanghai Dragon technology you may wish to think about these four questions: do you want to reach a height of what kind of? How much time do you spend your learning? The study direction is correct? If you do every day to learn

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